What does it mean to be human?

Objective: Qualities of things, true all times, all places, everywhere in the universe.

Subjective: Opinions that change, good or bad.

In class, we talked about objective qualities of different items. We talked about rocks, a carrot, a bunny, and humans. I will be going over what we learned in this post.

We determined that all things have three objective qualities that are shared with everything. They have weight, mass, and charges. It is also subjective that rocks are hard. If you were to get a rock thrown at your head, you’d say it’s hard but, if you were to push a superheated metal rod through a rock, it would seem soft.

After the first three qualities, rocks differentiate from the rest of the list. Rocks are inert, whereas everything else on the list is living. A carrot has the objective qualities as follows. They have weight, mass, charges, life, they grow, take food, reproduce, and there passive, meaning they don’t move by themselves.

The list for a bunny is all the same as a carrot except instead of being passive, there active. The list continues as followed, their slaves to fate, they communicate, feel, sense danger, feel pain, show affection, and performer selfe defense.

The list for the human is the same as the bunny up to active. THen it changes, almost becoming the opposite. instead of slaves to fate, humans adapt. It is then the same as the rest of the bunny list. It then reads as feel and shows love, they can refuse nature, understand, they are conscious(soul) and have a cerebral cortex.

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