Digital Storytelling | Create Your Own Logo

Form my first assignment I decided to create my own logo. I used illustrator to create it.  The logo was inspired by another project doing the same thing, except mine is for a restaurant type of thing

I started with making the background for the logo, I used light blue and orange with a white border.

This was the easy part. Next, I had to draw a knife. I had some problems with this but after reading a few tutorials I eventually got it.

I started with a triangle but I could be done with a rectangle. I put it on my background. It took some messing around to find where I wanted it and I found that I liked it best going through.

Note: to create a curved edge you are going to want to use handles. To add handles you want to press “shift + c” and select an anchor, click and drag and you will create to handles that will help you bent your shape the way you want.


Next was the text, this was pretty simple. To create the text you click on the text box tool. Simple. type what you want in it and press “ESC” to stop typing in it. You can make it bigger and smaller by dragging the corner. you can change the corner using the menu below

I made the text and placed it on the logo where I felt it looked best. I ended with the first version of the logo for Slice n’ Dice.

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