Digital Storey-telling | Motivational Poster

I decided to try and make a “motivational” poster.

The first thing I did was decide whether to do an actual motivational poster or a demotivational poster. After deciding on a demotivational poster, I had to think of what to have it actually says. I decided to go with “Failure. You think it’s hard now? Just wait.”

Next was finding an image for the poster itself. I googled “failure and scrolled down a little. I found the following image.

after I put it on my desktop I dragged it into Adobe Illustrator and began working. First, I had to had to make it the right size. Select the image and grab the corner, hold shift and drag up and down, move it till its the size you want it at.

Next, I had to convert the image to vectors. If you press the live paint button on the top of the program with the image selected it will do just that, I put it to 16 colors and let it do its thing.

Next, I changed the number of colors in the image from 16 down to 3. I experimented around with the amount and liked the way that the 3 colors looked.

Then I added the text. using the text tool, I made a textbox and typed “Failure”. I changed the font to one called zapfino. I then typed out, in a separate text box, “You Think it’s hard now? just wait” I put that with the superclarendon font.

Looking at what I had it looked like something was missing. It needs an underline.

Starting with a rectangle, I added two anchors either side and moved them the way I wanted. I copied one and passed it, then began to change the size so it would fit under the other text.

That’s the end, nothing else needed to be done. This is the final product.


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