The First Monday

Nadia awoke and sighed. Today was Monday, and she wasn’t ready for the upcoming week. She got up and got dressed. She knew first impressions were important, so she put on her best outfit. She had cereal for breakfast, like every other day, before leaving.

Her mom gave her a ride to school before going to work. Nadia got out of the car and froze. The school was a lot bigger than she expected. She started walking to the door. She suddenly became very aware of the way she was walking and had to make sure she didn’t trip. She soon forgot it when she walked into the building. She looked around nervously, not knowing where to go. She decided that a hallway on her left was the best option.

She walked past classrooms and lockers, looking at the class lists as she passed by. Eventually, she saw her name, with a locker number beside it. She put her stuff away before going into the classroom. When she walked in, the teacher was sitting at his desk.

He looked up and greeted her.

“Hello, I’m Mr. Hyland.”

He held out his hand for a handshake.

Nadia replied shyly

“Hi, I’m Nadia.”

She shook his hand and discovered her hands were really sweaty.

“You must be the new student. Did you find your locker?”

She nodded her head and took a seat at the front of the class.

Another student walked in the class and walked over to Nadia.

“Hey, what’s your name! I’m Eliotte”

Nadia was taken off guard by his energy and enthusiasm.

“I’m Nadia” She responded quietly.

“Cool, wanna be friends?” Eliotte asked.

“S-sure” Nadia responded

“Cool!” Eliotte shouted before leaving the classroom.

Nadia sat in the classroom and worried about what would happen next. What would the other student’s think of her, would she have to say something about herself in front of the class? This question scared her and was all she could think about until the bell rang. Her heart started pumping and she felt really hot. Students started walking in and sitting down, talking to each other the whole time.

The teacher stood in front of the class and looked around at everyone before talking.

“Hello everyone, as you probably know, I’m Mr. Hyland. Since today it the first day, you can do whatever you want.”

Everyone continued to talk. She saw Eliotte talking to another student before walking over to her.

“Hey, there friend! Hows it going?”

She shrugged.


Eliotte walked away again and inserted himself into another conversation. Nadia was alone with her thoughts, but she didn’t mind, she could come up with some crazy ideas.

The next hour was all just a blur to her. Nothing exciting happened and there was nothing important to remember. It was lunchtime. Nadia had a ham sandwich. She went into the lunch room and looked around nervously. She spotted Eliotte and walked over to him. They hung out for the rest of the day.

This cycle repeated, each day Nadia became a little more confident. She even found some people with similar interests as her. After the first few weeks, she had memorized everyone’s names and was rarely alone anymore. She often thought about that first day at a new school, how she went from a lonely shy kid to someone with lots of friends who never had to be alone again. She started off uncomfortable and scared in this new place and eventually felt more confident that she ever had in her life. She enjoyed the new school, and didn’t think she would ever leave.

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