Digital Storytelling | Creat a t-Shirt 2

I decided to make another T-Shirt because it’s fun.

I started by getting the icons I needed. A quick google search provided me with what I needed.


Now I had to get the icons I wanted. I hit live trace and the live paint so that the image would become vectors.

To get the icons I wanted I used the lasso tool and deleted the ones I didn’t need.

Then I got what looked like this. All I did was make a black rectangle, put it behind it, and then locked it. 

Then I just continued to use the lasso tool till all I had was what I wanted.

I continued this process until I had all the icons I wanted.

With everything I wanted I started to arrange them the way I wanted.

Next, I added the text. I downloaded a custom font for this because it looks better. I simply searched “overwatch Font” on google and after reading a few posts I was directed to this site. I searched “Big Noodle Titling” as directed and found what I wanted. I typed in my caption and then changed the color.

After resizing my artboards I felt like something was missing. Then it came to me, I needed to all the game login to the background. I searched “overwatch logo transparent” and after scrolling for a minute I found what I wanted.


I moved it behind the icons and text but in front of the black.

That was it. It was finished. Below is the final product.

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