Digital Storytelling | Create a Poster

I decided to make a warning poster with Adobe Illustrator.

I started with the hat, yes the hat. I searched up “orange cowboy hat” in google and scrolled till I found one  I liked.


I put it in illustrator and live traced it. I put my colors at 18 and then hit expand.

Looks like a hat. Now I had to get rid of the white background that it had

That wouldn’t make a very good poster. All I did is lock the black square in place so I wouldn’t select it, used my  direct selection tool (A), and deleted the four corners

Looks good. Next was the text. I wanted to have a custom font so I went looking on the internet. I found this one that I liked. Next, all  I had to do was actually add the text.

Note: This particular font only has capital letters in it, so trying to type lowercase doesn’t work.

Wow, looks like pretty good, but something was off. Then It hit me, and I changed one color

Now it was time to bring this into the real world.

Unfortunately, some of the pictures of the process got lost so I don’t have all of them. I only have pictures from after it was printed and cut out. I do know that the poster is 22in tall.

The poster before getting taken off the printer.

When cutting it out I had to make sure that I didn’t take off more than I wanted.

This is just a quick illustration that I made to help visualize how I cut it. I would align the ruler with the side that I wanted to cut off, instead of cutting on the inside of the ruler I cut along the outside. That way if I went off the ruler a little it wouldn’t take out some of what I wanted.

Not good.


Next, I laminated it, pretty simple, all I had to do was run it through the laminator and cut off the extra plastic with scissors. Done, that’s it.

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