Central logic of Christianity essay

Throughout this different assignment we had to watch a video on Bishop Barron talking about what his opinion on God, holiness, participating in religion and more. His opinion could be far from the same as any other bishop or priest but he sees it in I guess you could say a certain way. These points as well as others make this video that we watched a lot better than some of the readings we did.

“Be holy for I, the Lord your God am holy.” this is just a short phrase of a reading from the book of Leviticus. This phrase is from the text of leviticus 19:2-3 and that’s what bishop Barron relates back to a lot in this video; the book of Leviticus. If you believe in God then that means almost because you believe in him than you are holy because he is holy also. Its like divine life, very wanted, expected and in hopes that you do or that you be like God which refers back to the statement of because he is holy than you be holy also. Bishop Barron also uses other words to describe the word holy. He uses the words separate and sanctuary which seem like completely different things with same references back to holy. Sanctuary in holy terms is like a priest’s “holy word” or ability to specialize something. And the same with separate because you can or the priests can separate the holy words and make the ones that are more important into more reference.

What is the otherness of God or the holiness of him? Well first of all the holiness or otherness of God consists of mainly love. Without love there would still be a otherness or holiness of god but not as pure as if there was love and that’s why it consists mainly of love because without it there wouldn’t be much to him. When we love, we are participating in the holiness of God. what is participation of God though? There are five different participation are prayer, the liturgy, the seven sacraments (baptism, eucharist, confirmation, reconciliation, anointing of the sick, marriage and holy orders), lives of the saints and architecture. All of these are parts of how you practice the church and practice God.

In this there were many ontological questions as well as the million other points. Ontology is the physical study of being and the biggest ontological question is what does it mean for God to be? I’m not quite sure how to fully answer such an in depth questions because of that and because it has to do with God, who ive never met nor had a personal encounter talking to him for a long time through spirit so therefore I cant answer a personal question about him that might not be an accurate answer. My answer though might not be accurate but I believe God is to be because without him then there wouldn’t be no world for us because he created adam and eve then recreated and now we are living in a mostly happy world today.

Like I said in the introduction this video assignment had a lot of points and was different which made it quite a bit more interesting than the other reading that we have done. Bishop Barron is one of the best people to explain and interpret the ideas into his own because he goes in depth and helps us understand what some actually are. I personally liked this assignment because it was different and not what you would expect but that’s ok because we live in more of a technological world and that can make it easier sometimes.