Julius Caesar: The Nature Of Heroes And leaders


Every story has a beginning, middle and end. Every story has a hero or a leader, and villain. Every good story has that one thing that makes it a true good story. A really good story can be one that includes a hero and a villain at war over power, one that includes a hero trying to save the world from unexplainable evil people. Stories like Tarzan, superman are ones of a hero but ones like Julius Caesar are ones of the leader instead of the hero aspect.

In the movie Julius Caesar based off the play written by William Shakespeare it is a story of leaders and not heroes. In the times of Ancient Rome everyone wanted a leader, the citizens of Rome depended on a leader, they depended on Julius Caesar. Up until the assassination of Caesar, every member of the society that included people of Rome, depended on a leader like Caesar. There is not a single hero in this film, everyone has that leader aspect.  From names like Brutus, the trusted, honest leader that never has the guts or heart to lie. Cassius, the untrusted, evil; leader that leads the pack of conspiracy that kill Julius Caesar. Mark Antony, trusted, wanted to become the leader after Caesar, the type of guy that everyone sees as a true leader. Many more members or characters in the film all have leader aspects.

From the scene in which Shakespeare tells or suggest the nature of heroes and leaders (scene 2), is scene where the conversation between Cassius and Brutus in plotting the murder of Julius Caesar takes place. The clearly seen jealousy and anger that Cassius shows in that scene is clear that he is jealous that Julius Caesar is getting all the attention and that is so popular, that the citizens of Rome trust him enough for him to become their leader. Cassius wants all that attention and trust, so does Brutus but not that he wanted to become the king of Rome but that he wanted to do what he thought was better for all the citizens of Rome. Brutus loved Caesar, he loved Rome more which shows a big aspect of a leader.

My thesis or point of view is that there are way more leaders than heroes in the story of Julius Caesar, in that scene it’s clear that both Cassius and Brutus have aspects of leaders but not good ones. Cassius wants to kill Julius Caesar because he wants to have the power or be seen as an important person. Brutus on the other hand wants to kill Caesar because he thinks that it is better for the society if he was dead. Brutus has more strong aspects of a leader than Cassius because Brutus is truthful, he cannot tell a lie. Cassius on the other hand is a disgusting liar, he is just like every politician in the world; how do you know when they are lying? The answer to that question is when their lips move. Whenever Cassius or Mark Antony for that matter speak, they lie.

I conclude that the nature of leaders and heroes is truthfully unpredictable. You never know who is a true hero or leader and who is just a well politician so to speak. In other words know one can really tell who is and who isn’t a hero or a leader but they can tell who is a leader and who is rather a hero instead of a leader. The movie Julius¬†Caesar is filled with leaders and not heroes, there are other movies out there that involve heroes; like Superman or even Tarzan.