The Reasons To Believe Essay


There were so many different main or interesting points from the reading ‘The Reasons To Believe’ by Peter Kreeft. I personally have three pages of main or important notes on this story alone. It’s a very interesting story that really makes you think a lot into the in depth of everything, something that really makes you think of the importance of life and what God created for you. There was a question in the reading: have human beings created life? No of course not because that is what God did, yes humans may have had children which could be considered creating life but god created the first and second life, Adam and Eve.

There are so many questions in the world that people can think of everyday, in any moment of time, can something come from nothing? Does God exist? Does humans have immortal soul? Do we have free will? So many unanswered questions with no proof and discovery for any of it. Saint Thomas Aquinas created the five proofs that God exists, but really does he exists with only a few words or sentences that is said to be proof. Something can’t be proven unless there is physical evidence and no one has ever seen anything about him so how would we know if he really exists; from our belief in him that’s how.

Everything has a cause, you can have something happen and expect it to be caused by nothing because something can’t come from nothing it’s just not possible. The principle of causality is the technical term for this. The only that can come from nothing is your soul because your soul is so unique and pure that there is no known thought as to where it came from, its just there in your body and out of your body continuing your life in heaven after your passing. The only thing that could have created every human soul in the world is the one true person, the originated origin, God.

We pray everywhere, before we go to bed, in church on Sundays, on the sidelines of a volleyball or basketball court or many other places and this is us as humans showing the signs that we believe in God and we are showing our respects to him, thanking him for all that he has done for us. The most perfect thing that all humans believe exists or the ideal standard of perfect is of course God. everything in the world is like a chain of effects. Like for example a cause is the sine qua non for an effect: if there is no cause, no effect. If no creator, no creation. If no God than no universe. It’s all because of God, the chain of causes that are from effects that God created.

There are many different names for God: the honest seeker, the first mover, the primal fireball, and law giver along with many more. There are many different reasons why these names were given to God because he did all of this; he set in place the first law and made the chain of effects which is like the first mover. God created everything us humans in way or another whether we want to believe it or not doesn’t matter because the truth is that he exists and all of this is the proof. We don’t need to have physical proof even though in the earlier parts of this essay I said that it is kind of hard to believe in something when there is only belief but our belief is enough because God exists, he created everything for us and we are so thankful for that. If we did not believe in Christianity or in God than there would not be a universe because if god doesn’t exist then neither did Adam and Eve and all the rest of the people that started populating this earth.