School is one of the most astonishing and pleasing qualities of life. It helps us prepare for the future and teaches us about life skills and life expectations. Without school we would not be able to get a job, earn money and become successful. Throughout these three paragraphs it will talk about why we need school, events that happen in school and how they help us, along with the history of St.Jerome’s Catholic School.

Have you ever wondered, why we need school? You’ll be excited to learn that school is one of the four most important qualities of life, along with health, family, and a career. You will soon discover that having a great attendance at school and following the proper rules will give you the best possible start in life and will prepare you for the future. Not only does going to school help you prepare for the future, it is also interesting because not only do you learn subjects, you also learn new skills including social skills. Without a doubt everyone who goes to school knows that if you do not get a proper education you can not get most high quality jobs and become successful. School helps students by showing them their abilities and where their weaknesses are,  for years schools have given students great opportunities that pass by. Therefore embrace the opportunities since they only come around once in a lifetime.

“ School may be hard, annoying, irritating but admit it you’re going to miss it when it ends” – Anonymous

Nowadays, there are many different events that go on during school. In St.Jerome’s Catholic School there are way too many events to count along with many different varieties. It’s incredible that many of these events that take place at our school raise donations that help children or other people in need for medical help, or that are in poverty. Some of these events include the 30 hour famine, break-a- rule day, carnival and many more. Recently we went through a event that most students love, called gymnastics day. Gymnastics day is we’re we get to spend the day preparing for a competition of Mackenzie, Fraser, and Cartier house where they compete for the trophy through human pyramids, individual and dual balances/tumbles, and Swedish drill. Wouldn’t you agree having some fun events once in awhile would be great because then the students can really relax their minds and not get stressed over that one test or a bad grade. What’s so amazing is that it also teaches students that school does not always have to be all serious and professional, well I mean it can’t get out of hand but having a little laugh in class or having a event like gymnastics day will really take your mind off all that intricate work.


Historically, St.Jerome’s Catholic School will be 54 years old this year.That  means that our school has been around for 54 great years to teach some terrific students life skills. After twelve years of school comes graduation and after that comes college, St.Jerome’s School is proud that they have had way more than approximately 19,440 students that have attended this school throughout the fifty-four years that it has been standing. Mr. Anthony Reghelini was our school’s very first principle, it is said that he had shaped this school into a place for students to attend today and continue to attend for years to come with lots of enjoyment. The outstanding part of St.Jerome’s Catholic school is that it was built in 1963 and is still standing strong and tall with tons of encouragement for the students and skill in what they are doing.Did you know that on an average day approximately 360 students attend St. Jerome’s Catholic School.

Many schools nationwide are proud to say they have taught and encouraged many students into becoming very successful lawyers, doctors, teachers, along with many other fantastic careers; but St. Jerome’s Catholic School is very proud to say that when faced with the foe that is mighty we rally with courage and skill!

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