Bottle rocket project


The fun has begun today as we started building our bottle rockets!


Tara and I both contributed to this project. 

Supply list

  • 3 two liter pop bottles
  • pieces of another two liter pop bottle
  • A badminton birdie
  • scissors
  • black gorilla tape

we started by building my rocket, although its unnamed it looks kinda cool because it looks a little like a real rocket because I spray painted it metallic silver, but before I spray painted it i cut the top off another two liter pop bottle and taped it to the bottom of the whole rocket with white sticker like tape. so far i haven’t finished taping and gluing the fins to the rocket but Tara finished her rocket and it was ready to fly.

On October 12, Tara and I launched Tara’s rocket named Rocky  into the air, although it did not fly very far and high ,it didn’t fall apart either, so I guess Tara constructed quit a good rocket but it might have needed better fins but it is a really great rocket overall.

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