On the Sidewalk Bleeding:Who Am I?

1.Who is the protagonist in the story?

Andy is a 16 year old boy who was stabbed and left on the sidewalk bleeding. he is most talked about in the story and protagonist means the main character of any story and Andy is the main character of the story which makes him the protagonist.

2. What is /are the conflicts in the story?

  • Andy got stabbed
  • A poor old lady did not notice Andy in the alley bleeding to death when she went through garbage
  • Freddie and Angela decided to go home instead of help Andy because they did not want to get caught up with the guardians since he was a royal.
  • The drunk man just thought that Andy was also drunk and passed out so he left without helping him.

3. What conflicts are developed through the use of the names Andy and the name “the Royals” and what did they represent?

  • The drunk man called Andy his “buddy” even though they didn’t even know each other.
  • Boyfriend- Andy is Laura’s boyfriend
  • Andy-“his name is Andy” Laura says to the cop when they find him.

4. what effect does Andy’s jacket have on the people who found him in the alley.

  • Freddie and Angela don’t want to get caught up with the guardians because he is a royal.
  • Andy got stabbed because he was a royal.

5. What are the reasons the people don’t help Andy?

  • The drunk man doesn’t realize Andy’s hurt
  • Freddie and Angela don’t want to get in trouble with the guardians
  • the poor old lady didn’t even know that he was in the same alley that she was going through the garbage cans.

6. at what point does Andy realize he is dying?

As Andy realized that every move or limb was killing him and that know one was going to find him, at that point he realized”I’m dying”.

7. what does Andy do with the last of his strength?

Andy said that when he is eventually found he does not want the person to say”oh he’s a royal”. so he used all his strength and took the jacket off.

8. what is the climax or turning point? sketch a plot diagram, try this diagram.


9.  what is the police officers reaction 

eventually after a while , Andy’s girlfriend Laura finds him in the alley but it is too late. Laura doesn’t realize that Andy is gone so she runs for as long as she can until she finds a cop, as Laura leads the cop to andy’s body  the cop kneels down and says ” A royal huh” and then Laura said “his name is Andy”. the officer then pulled out his black notepad and wrote down “A royal” then started describing Andy’s body.



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