Chimeratic Composition

For this assignment I had to take three different images (mine or someone else’s) and change the way it looks to make it looks like the most impossible image to ever exist. I followed the instructions from the assignment called Chimeratic Composition. The sources that I found these images, mountains picture: Ashley’s phone, train image: my phone, dinosaur image: pexels

Step 1: The base, background or first image originally looked like this. I took the train from the image below and traced it before dragging it into the mountain landscape picture to make it look very unrealistic because there is no railroads in the landscape image.

Step 2: to make the image even more unrealistic I thought that I should make the image a little transparent. I changed the fill colour of the image to make it more transparent, from 100% fill colour to 73% fill colour.  I also changed the opacity colour as depicted in the image below from 100%  opacity to 79%.

Step 3: After dragging the train from one image to another and changing the opacity and fill colour this is what the image looks like now below.  The assignment was that I had to take three different images and merge them into one so now I decided to make the most impossible, unrealistic ever. I decided to add a dinosaur to the picture. the source of the dinosaur picture is Pexels.

Step 4:  The image below is the one that I chose to use as the third image to make the end image even more unrealistic and finished.

Step 5: For this assignment I had to do a lot of work with layers as depicted in the image below.

Step 6: This is what the final image looks like after I added the layers and masked it to place the dinosaur and train into the mountain scene to make it look very unrealistic.





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