I’ve Got Gloria: Responding to the story

A) People have difficulty reacting to something they did wrong, can’t take responsibility for what they did that can cause major problems or be a “battle of wills” between these people. Most of the time the arguments or battle of wills are between people we are most like, like a father and son relationship as depicted in the story between Scott and his father, or a mother daughter relationship, siblings relationship frankly any relationship.

B) On Scott’s first day of summer school they could be an endless possibility of things that could happen between him and Mrs. Whitman: They could both go on with life-like nothing ever happened, just to make Scott feel uneasy about the whole prank again Mrs. Whitman could bring Gloria to school, Scott could bring a Swanson turkey t.v dinner for Gloria as another apology, Scott could bring his old failed test mark with the extra work that he did or corrections that he did over the week that he had off to prove to Mrs. Whitman that he is ready to learn and pass for the second time.

C) I have had a lot of uncomfortable or embarrassing moments that were eventually resolved. During the summer my family and I held a Bodurka reunion kind of thing at our cabin at Laurier Lake so that all my family could come together and enjoy the time together at one of the best places we love to escape. I got to do many things with my cousins, I played with toys in the sand with my little cousin Kennedy, I helped babysit Kennedy and Jared’s younger sister Reese, I went for midnight walks with Steven,Austin and Dallas down to the lake, Went tubing and many more. At one of the many times I went swimming with my brother, Steven, Austin and Dallas and since they are all boys and my family does not have any girls really my age I have to hang out with boys and they thought it would be funny to throw seaweed at me while we were swimming, at one point one of them (which I’m still not sure which one to this day) through a bunch of seaweed at me and it hit me right in the face. I had seaweed in my eyes, nose, and mouth. It was the most embarrassing thing ever and I was only around my cousins, after that I was getting seaweed in the face  every second and it was so embarrassing, it took about 20 minutes for one of the adults to come down to the beach and scream at the boys to stop. After that we went on swimming for about 2 more hours.

D) The reader could see Mrs. Whitman as evil when seen through Scott’s eyes, she is evil because she is a woman , because she has red hair, because she has pursed lips, which are stereotypes, not every woman or girl is evil, not every person with red hair is evil even though in most movie they make the villains red heads. And not every person with pursed lips is evil, that just means that they could be frustrated or it could be as simple as that is the way their lips are. There is a sign when Scott gets told that Mrs. Whitman called his mom that he felt uneasy but she never did say anything about the real evil prank that Scott pulled on her because she did not want to be a tattle tale or be an immature person, she wanted to do what was mature and kind, Mrs. Whitman could have easily called Scott’s mom and told her about his prank but she didn’t because she really isn’t that evil.

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