The Quandary

“Mackenzie” my mother called making me have to leave my room and end my call with my best friend Sarah, my mom is so annoying sometimes. “Mackenzie I have to go into work early today and I will be working late tonight so I need you to babysit your sisters please” “But mom I am going to the mall with Sarah after school so we can pick out outfits for a party this Thursday.”  “ Mackenzie you have to babysit your sisters, they are only seven years old and they can’t stay home by themselves. I am asking you if you can please babysit your sisters after school, it will be doing me a huge favour.” “Bu-” “no Mackenzie no excuses.” Ugh I hate my mom, now I can’t go to the mall today and talk to Sarah about what happened at school today between me and her boyfriend Liam while we pick out outfits.


“ hey Liam how are you.”

“Pretty good now that I’m around you.”

“Liam you have a girlfriend, and she is my best friend.”

“So she isn’t here right now is she, what she doesn’t know wont hurt her.”

“Liam stop, I don’t want to hurt Sarah.”

“Cmon Mackenzie don’t be so uptight all the time.” Liam starts to lean in to kiss me.

“Stop Liam” I say while pushing him back but he keeps moving closer and leaning in, he was showing a very large amount of bravado I was so scared, I became angst, I was scared that I would have a panic attack.

“ Sto- ` Mr. Smith and Ms. Hart, do we have a problem here.` ” I took a deep breath, thankful that my trigonometry teacher Mr. Sanders stopped Liam from continuing to assault me.


I didn’t bother to keep talking to my mom because before I had the chance to she was dashing out the door yelling I love you on her way out. My sisters Ava and Noel were already in the car when my mom dashed out the door, at least my sisters are taking the bus home so I don’t have to pick them up from school.

Once I got to school I took my time in heading to my locker because I was early, when I reached my locker, I seen my best friend Sarah at her locker which conveniently ended up being right beside mine. “Hey Sarah.” “Hey Mackenzie, what did you do yesterday. Did you and Liam have fun in trigonometry without me.” “ Ya it was so much fun.” inside you held in so much fear, what if Sarah blamed it on me, what if she didn’t believe me, so many what ifs that I was so scared would happen when I finally work up the courage to tell Sarah that her boyfriend assaulted me.

Later that day after school…. “Hey Mackenzie are we still going to the mall.” “Ya Sarah, we have to look good for the party tomorrow.” we both grab our bags and walk to our own cars, again right beside each other. Being having a mom that works a job where she earns a ton of money I get to have the most expensive things ever; Gucci bags, designer clothes, any amount of money I want, and my amazing baby blue 2017 Camaro car that my mom got me when I turned 16. Sarah has rich parents too, she has designer clothes, Gucci bags and the same car except hers is pink 2017 Camaro because she is way more of a girly girl than I am. Sarah is almost the exact opposite of me, she is a total girl, always wears and loves the colour pink, always wears skirts, and me I love to wear skirts and dresses too but I prefer to wear leggings or jeans. I’m not the type of girl who loves to paint nails and do their hair all day, everyday. I would prefer to be outside playing sports or enjoying the nature filled outdoors. Sarah and I met each other at the Londonderry mall which was only a 20 minute drive from school. We opted out to going to the stores that we always went to because we wanted to have a little bit of different edges to our outfits for this party. Once we found a store that we liked and searched around for a while Sarah found the perfect dress for herself, she chose to go with a black short flared sleeveless dress which I personally loved on her, it made her look so pretty yet edgy. I had a little bit more trouble finding my dress, well at least that’s what I told Sarah, in reality I was stalling because I really didn’t want to tell Sarah about what Liam did to me yesterday. Once I found the perfect outfit for myself which was a beautiful two piece floral lace dress. I also found the perfect shoes to go with the dress. Once I had finished purchasing my dress, shoes and accessories I went to find Sarah. I found her looking through the shoe section looking for the perfect high heels to go with her outfit, the look I seen on her face broke my heart because she was so happy and had a beautiful bright white smile on her face. It broke my heart that soon that pearly white smile would soon turn into a saddened, unwelcoming frown because I am going to tell her about Liam.  “Hey Sarah, can I talk to you about something?” the fear filled me with deathly chills “Ya sure Mackenzie, what did you want to talk about?” her smile slowly started to fade as she seen how upset I was. “Hey Mackenzie its ok you can tell me, here let’s go somewhere more private, the owners of this store are starting to stare at us like hawks.” Once we got somewhere more private I broke down and started baling my eyes out like an upset baby. My prediction was very precise, as I explained every detail as to how her supposed to be loyal, devoted boyfriend Liam did to me yesterday while she wasn’t at school. She had the look of pure disbelief, almost as if she didn’t believe me, did she really not believe me? “ ok Mackenzie you’re my best friend so why would you lie about something like that, Liam is my boyfriend and I love him. I’m sorry that you are jealous but he has been my boyfriend for two years and he is your friend, why would you want to make up such a lie so that we would breakup?” I couldn’t believe the words I was hearing being spoken from Sarah’s mouth, her beloved perfect boyfriend almost kissed me and she doesn’t believe me. “ I’m not lying Sarah, Liam almost kissed me, he more in likely would have if I didn’t push him off. I would not lie to you about something like this.” “ Ok I’m sorry Mackenzie but I don’t believe, you can’t do that to me, that is such a low move.” By this time I was already fuming mad, so mad it looked like steam was escaping out my ears like a hot kettle. I couldn’t take it anymore. “Whatever Sarah don’t believe me but I know that Liam tried to kiss me, if you don’t believe me than we can’t be friends. I’m sorry but I can’t be friends with someone who doesn’t believe me.” “Fine that is totally good with me because I can’t be friends with a person that would make lies up about my boyfriend.” by this time I was so scorching hot with anger that the leftover falling tears had evaporated off my puffy, red tear-stained cheeks. Sarah spoke one final sentence before leaving me “Goodbye Mackenzie, have fun finding anymore friends because we both know that I was your only true friend.” That last sentence from her mouth was enough for me to want to run after her and hit her, but I had enough willpower not to do that. By the time I got to my car, I could see that my once was best friend was already gone which I was thankful of. I drove the long way home so that when I got home my mom didn’t notice my aggravation. I got home about an hour later, even though my house is only half an hour away from the mall. I walked in the door and the first thing I had seen was my younger seven-year old twin sisters Ava and Noel. They ran to me and threw their tiny arms around my legs. I felt guilty for not coming home and babysitting them after school but I’m seventeen and I had to get a nice outfit for the party tomorrow. “Where were you Kenzie? You were supposed to be babysitting us.” I had to lie to Ava and Noel, I couldn’t tell them the truth. “ My teacher held me back at school because I needed extra help.” “ ok but why do you have a shopping bag?” I looked down at my bag that had in my hand, how was I going to lie to them about that? “ it has my books in it, I just had an empty bag and had to carry my heavy textbooks.” “Ok, do you want to play dolls with us?” I really needed to escape them and go upstairs and start homework so when my mom came home it looked like I was home all along. “ I’m sorry Noel I can’t because I have to do homework, why don’t you go play with Ava since she’s already playing with dolls in the playroom.” Noel didn’t reply she just walked away from me with the biggest look of sadness I had ever seen. It pained me to see my sisters like that, I had never seen them this sad. I walked upstairs to my room after making sure they had a drink and some snacks.

*Later that night* 

“Girls I’m home.” I heard my mom call from downstairs, I was praying that Noel and Ava didn’t say anything about me not babysitting them. I guess I should go down there and find out. The anticipation and fear were growing with every step I took down the finely furnished hardwood stairs. “ Hey Mackenzie, how was your sisters? “ umm they were good, surprisingly quiet.” I tried to sound as calm as possible. “ That’s weird but ok, well I’m very tired so I’m going to go to sleep, goodnight love you.” “ night mom love you.” she kissed my cheek before she went upstairs, all the fearful chills left my body as she went upstairs. I decided I would go upstairs and go to sleep also because I have a long day at school and that party tomorrow.

The next day was pretty uneventful at school, I wanted it to be over already so that I could get ready for the party. I had ten minutes left in trigonometry class before I could escape this place and go home. Tik tok the clock went by each second, minute, tik tok two minutes go by my mind wanted it to end and this inventive way to countdown to the end of the day was helping majorly, tik tok five minutes went by, tik tok then the last three minutes went by and before my mind could process it I was at my locker; then my car and soon my house.

“Hey mom I’m home.”

“Hey Kenzie, how was school?”

“Good, sorry mom can’t talk I have to get ready for the party.” I bolted up the stairs before my mom could reply, I slammed the door and started getting ready. This is going to take a while I thought to myself as I looked at my reflection in my en suite mirror. Once I finally finished getting ready after about two hours. It was a painful process that made many major messes but pain is beauty is something I have always been told. I strapped on my heels and rushed downstairs making sure I took every step carefully. I didn’t want to break an ankle after all. Once I reached downstairs, I said goodbye to my sisters and my mom, I’m so thankful she doesn’t work Fridays so I can go out to parties. “ Mackenzie please be careful and don’t drink too much because you have to drive yourself home.” “Yes mom I won’t drink much I love you.” I dashed out of the house and jumped into my car and drove the half an hour drive to the person that was hosting the party lives.

*At the party.*

I got to the party and it was packed, thousands of people were there many of which don’t even go to high school. I was having a ton of fun and I had just got to the party. After getting a drink, I walked around through the crowd. After awhile I notice someone who I recognized someone from afar but I couldn’t get a glimpse of who it actually was. I pushed through the enormous crowd to get to this figure, once I got to where the figure was I noticed that it was my once best friend Sarah, but that not the only thing I recognized. Sarah was clearly drunk and was being carried by Liam to what it looked to be upstairs and take advantage of her since she was in this drunken state and would not remember it in the morning. I ran all the way up the stairs to where Liam was holding Sarah, I pushed Liam off of her and caught her before she fell. Luckily I had not been drinking really at all other than my few sips from that single red solo cup that I threw to the floor once I realized what was happening. I took Sarah and pushed through the crowd, out the front door and to my car. I had to get her out of there and out of Liam’s hands before something bad would have happened. I got to my car which was thankfully not trapped in the piles of parked cars that probably spanned out to about a mile down the road. I unlocked my car and nicely placed Sarah on the backseat, after closing the door I rushed to the driver’s side and got in. I drove away from the stilling raging party and started to drive home, I couldn’t take Sarah to her house because her parents were extremely religious and didn’t know she drank or partied.

*At home*

I got home and Sarah was passed out in the backseat, I got out of the car and walked to the other side of my car, grabbed the passed out Sarah and started walking to the door. I opened the door and as soon as I did my mom was standing there looking furious with me. “Mackenzie don’t move, I have talk to you about something.” “ Just wait I have to take Sarah upstairs, she got drunk and I’m going to let her sleep it off.” “ ok once you put her to bed you come right back down here.” “ ok I will mom.” I took Sarah upstairs and put her in my bed. I willingly walked back downstairs to my mom and she started yelling at me right away. “ Mackenzie Lynn I know that you didn’t babysit your sisters yesterday when we were supposed to and instead you went to the mall with Sarah. I asked you to babysit them and your disobeyed me. You are grounded, I am taking away your car, your computer on your phone. You will walking to school until I believe that you deserve your car back, now go to bed.” I can believe I got in trouble for this, I really thought I lied my way out of it but I guess not. I changed out of my dress and into comfy pyjamas and then went to sleep on my couch  that’s in my room because I gave Sarah my bed.

*Next morning*

When I got up in the morning Sarah was gone so I assume she must have got up early this morning and walked home so she could get ready for school. I got up, had a shower and got ready. I had to get up earlier because I have to walk to school since my mom took my car away, it was not going to be fun walking to school early in the morning because in my own opinion you never know if there are sketchy people out there.

*At school*

I walked to my locker and as soon as I turned the corner Sarah ran up to me and embraced me in a loving hug. “Thank you so much for saving me last night Mackenzie, I don’t know what could have happened to me if some random person grabbed me while I was out.” I opted out on telling Sarah that if I didn’t save her then Liam would have been the “random” person taking advantage of her while she was in the state she was last night. ” Liam told me the truth that he did try to kiss you so I broke up with him this morning. I am so sorry that I didn’t believe you and that I am probably the one that caused you to get in trouble and I assume grounded.” “ Its ok Sarah I forgive you,  and I didn’t get in trouble or grounded because of you, I got grounded because I lied. At least now we know that we can’t let anything come between us again. Best friends forever, stay beside each other forever.” I smiled as we embraced in another hug. We never let anything come between us again and stuck together, we fought for each other and always will, we went on from those few days using them as a lesson that we will always take the sides of our best friends and always believe every word that is said from each others mouths. Sarah and I learned so greatly from that lesson that we never allowed ourselves to get into such an extreme fight again, we had a few little bumps in the road but that happens in great friendships. No longer did anything come between us either, not even boys….. well at least not yet anyways.



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