The Problem Of Evil Essay


This reading was a lot shorter than the last but still had many different interesting ideas and points.  The problem of evil is the most serious problem in the world. Some people don’t choose to be evil, they just are and others choose to be evil or sinful because it gives them a sense of power or a rush. Ideas like that main one are very interesting or they make you very curious as to the real answer to that question.

If God is so good than why is his world so bad? That question refers to the meaning that why did God create such a horrific world full of killers and the criminally insane just to have the good people suffer in this world because of it. There are so many good people in the world and they all have to suffer because of the world that god created. So why did he create this world? I believe that he created it to see how we would do or how we would live. Whether we would be able to all live accordingly or not. God knew that no one would be perfect and that there would be some very bad people in this world that he created but he was ok with it because then with these bad people, the good ones could learn about sacrificing something for someone or to be more selfless. The other reason is that there is really only one good in the world and that’s God.

There is four main parts to the solution of evil are very different but they still work to create a better place. Evil is not really a thing, a being or eternity it’s just not a physical thing so therefore it would be hard to get rid of it but maybe not because it isn’t really a thing so it might be able to get rid of too. The second point is that the origin of evil is not the Creator but the creature´s freely choosing sin and selfishness. This means that the start of evil isn’t the creator but it is from the creators sins and selfishness. The third is how to resolve the problem in practice, not just in theory; in life, not just in thought. Resolve the problem physically not just in theory or thought.

The last and final thought is actually a question: What about the philosophical problem? The philosophical problem could be kind of a mind to body problem. The mind to body problem is the problem of creating or determining the relationship between your body and your mind. Philosophical points that are taken on this question are generally predicated on either a reduction of one to the other, or a belief in the discrete coexistence of both

Everything we live in is an experience or an experiment, we are practicing life. Some say that we are living life but I  say that we could be practicing it. We are practicing to not be evil or be the best person that we can. Our goal or at least most people’s goals is to be good and live life without bad this happening or that bad people come into our lives.  Sometimes evil is not a choice because there are times when people are thinking or there mind is set on something and that is done. Whether we want it to or not some of us are practicing to be evil.

Like I said in the introduction, this reading is shorter than the last but still gives off a great amount of ideas that are interesting to read about. Some of these points are so interesting that it will become a full time thing to research or read these books and find the main ideas than write about it. I personally really liked this reading and i hope the future ones will be just as good.

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