After Chapter 2 Critical Response: Life’s Pressures

One of the very first decisions Ralph makes is to blow the conch to call all the boys to him and Piggy so they could have a meeting. That decision to blow the conch was a good decision because all the kids heard the noise and went to Piggy and Ralph. By Ralph blowing on the conch the conch is a symbol of power all the kids now think he is the leader because he’s the one that blew the conch even though Piggy was there with Ralph when he found the conch.

It was Ralph’s decision to have a leader elected. The election was between him and Jack. Of course Ralph won because all the kids looked up to him as a leader just because he blew the conch. Ralph decided to make rules for all the kids to follow. His first rule that all kids had to put up their hands if they had something to say like in school so that no one was talking over each other. The second rule was that if you were to speak you must hold the conch.

Ralph decided to make Jack and the choir the hunters. The older boys would hunt for food for everyone to eat. Ralph knew that Jack and the choir were the only ones capable to hunt.

The boys didn’t really know that they were on an island, they assumed it was a island but didn’t actually know. Ralph decided to take Jack to walk up the mountain that is on the island and see what’s around and if it was a deserted island. Simon also ended coming on the adventure. Ralph and Jack decided to leave Piggy behind.

Ralph decided to tell the little ones to “wait” he says to wait to be rescued. Ralph says this because his dad goes off to war and always comes back and he thinks that his dad would come back and get them. The younger boys believe Ralph when he says they will be rescued but the older boys aren’t all convinced that they will be saved.

Ralph doesn’t make the best desicions he wants all the boys to have fun and keeps telling them that his dad will rescue them so he’s lying to all the boys cause his dad won’t know where they are. Piggy even though he’s not very old he thinks through and tries to keep track of all the kids by himself and Ralph didn’t.

When Ralph lit the fire and it started he wasn’t a good leader at all he didn’t even take care of the little ones he just left. That resulted in some kids getting killed from the fire.

Chapter 1 Questions

1. Describe setting of the story?

The setting of Lord of the Flies is a hot deserted tropical island. There are no adults on this island it is just the British schoolboys. The island contains thick jungle and dense undergrowth. The boys spend most of their time on the white beach on a big platform of pink granite.

2. What events led the boys’ arrival on the island?

The boys arrived because of a plane crash. All sorts of boys were on the plane and they weren’t all from the same school expept for Jack and his boys.

3. Why couldn’t Jack kill the pig?

Jack was afraid to kill the pig even though he won’t admit it. He’s a child. It’s something he  The thought of all the blood that would come out of the pig and the mess it would make scared him. He didn’t want to kill a living creature.

4. Who emerges as leader of the group? Why?

Ralph was elected leader by the boys on the island they only elected him cause he looked like a leader because he’s the one that blew the conch and all the other boys found him when he did that. Piggy has all the attributes of being a leader but since he doesn’t look like a leader cause of how big he is and that he has asthma and is younger than Ralph he didn’t get elected. Piggy wasn’t even a candidate in the boys little election.






Important Qualities of a Political Leader

A political leader needs to have many good qualities. Good qualities include honesty, intelligence, responsibility, charisma, and professionalism. These qualities are very important in order to be accountable to the people.

Political leaders should always be honest in their actions no matter what level of government they represent. I am not old enough to vote yet, but I still look at qualities of candidates running for office. Honesty is the most important quality. Having an honest leader seems to be a rare trait.

Intelligence is important. A politician must be well versed in the political issues they are dealing with. They need to be able to intelligently express their point of view with other political leaders as well as those they serve.

A responsible leader is also an important quality every political leader should have. Political leaders are in place to represent their constituents. Irresponsible leadership is leadership that fails the people. The political leader is their to be the voice of the people.

Great political leaders should inspire others and instill a sense of pride. Also, it never hurts to have a great sense of humour.

Overall, there are many qualities that help make a great politician. Every candidate brings their own unique traits to the table but without honesty, intelligence, responsibility, charisma, and professionalism I do not feel the candidate will serve the best interests of the people they have been elected to represent.

Easter in Greece

I learned that there is one official language in Greece and that religion is Greek orthodox. Mr. Sader also told us that on holy Thursday pretty much the hole community brings flowers to the church and the priest takes all the flowers and decorates jesus’s bed and then they walk through town with the decorated jesus. There are dozens of churches in one town, and the wealthy families sometimes will build their own church right in their backyard. In Stantureine there are 700 Greek orthodox churches. On thursday the priest reads 21 readings. During church everybody stands, unless you were really old or ill you could sit down but everyone’s had to stand. In Greece their favorite saint is St. Paul you will see lots and lots of pictures of St. Paul. They also like to use candle lighting, in the church they would have like this big sand box and when you would walk into the church you would grab a candle about the size of a birthday candle and you would light it and put it in the sand box and when everyone got into the church that sand box would be filled will lit candles. In Greek churches you will not see statues you will only see 2 dimensional paintings. Patmos is where saint john received the revelations that a big deal in the Catholic church. Mass on Easter the lighting of a candle is a big deal the first flame will be flown by a helicopter and when that helicopter landed the priest would get into a car that looked like a popemobile and would go up the hill up to the chapel and people would follow the popemobile up to the temple like a little parade but no one would cheer. When all the people get to the church they all stand outside with unlit candles. At midnight the priest announces that jesus is alive and everyone lights their candles. After you light your candle you try to take it home without it being blown out and if you make it back to your house then that means good luck. Right after everyone is done lighting their candles all the churches light fireworks and kids would throw little fireworks at tourists feet. In the church there were green leaves scattered everywhere. The community will also put lavender on the path and on Saturday everyone follows the lavender path to the church. Teenagers wouldn’t go to church well they went to church but they wouldn’t go in they would start up a game of soccer while church was going on. Mr. Sader also told us that every temple’s door will face east. On Easter sunday they eat lamb. People in Greece also think that cats have an awareness to God.  In lent you must fast no fish or no meat for 7 days before you take the ucrest. On Easter Saturday they can eat seafood but not fish. In the church choir there will only be men singing no women. Mr. Sader and the grade 11s and 12s went to Mars hill, Mars hill is a mountain made out of marble in the bible there is a scripture in Acts 17 in the reading that was the first place where St. Paul first preached. One of the things he said was “ I found among them an altar with the inscription, “to an unknown God”. In the churches almost every space on the walls are covered with art work. Most churches even in Canada use pictures to tell a story and not words so they don’t have to translate it. You won’t see the altar in the church only the priest will see it. In Delphi in Greece have a stone and they thought that, that stone was the center of the universe. People in the church would stand in church for a bit then they would go outside for a while and then come back in, it’s like no one was listening. People would share red eggs and they would try to crack each others eggs as a tradition. Had jubilee doors.

As in the beginning

Why does the speaker describe the “man” so objectively in the first nine lines of the poem.

The speaker describes the man so much because it kinda tells people that his job is ruff because he lost a finger and his hands are all ruff. 

How does the tone of the poem change after the first nine lines?

The tone gets soft because them it starts talking about how his hands have done lots for their family. 

To what extent does the speaker understate or overstate the emotions associated with his/her father’s situation?

The speaker overstates his emotions when he says “When the hands are my father’s hands it makes me cry although my pen must keep scratching
its head across the page of another night.”


Which lines or phrases do you think express what the speaker is feeling most powerfully? What do these lines convey to them?

When the author talks about if he could have his fathers hands but when his hands where young and soft and weren’t all worn out and broken. 


What is the significance of the title?

The significance of the title is that it tells you about the beginning of that family.  

Gaining Yardage

Are Arlo and the speaker friends?

Yes, they are friends. 

What makes someone a good friend?

A good friend is someone who will always be there for you and won’t stab you in the back or start rumors about you. 

What ideas does this poem share about friendship? Do you agree?

When Arlo gets the touch down but it should have been the authors but he was still happy for Arlo. Yes, I agree with this a true friend wouldn’t get jealous or mad at something like that and he should be happy for his friend.  

What is odd about the last two lines of this poem?

That his old man might decide to move them to a different part of the country.

List the jargon used in the poem. Find definitions of each term. Do the definitions you find work within the context of the poem?

bobbles the ball across the goal line- I don’t like the word bobbles in there

Examine the poem’s use of pronouns. Is the antecedent for each pronoun always clear? What would you recommend the poet do to solve his pronoun problems?

I thought reach pronoun was clear. I don’t think the poet has to fix anything. 


The New House

Do people exist beyond a physical presence?

Yes, I think people do exist beyond a physical presence. I think that when people die their souls are still here. I have know proof that people exist beyond a physical presence but all you have to do is believe that peoples souls are still around.


Does thinking about a “multiverse” get you wondering about heaven? I wondered.

Yes, I think there are many heavens. I think there is one  in our atmosphere, another is in our solar system, and one more is in beyond whatever is passed outer space.

I think the first one is right here on earth. Where we live we live and serve the lord. I think when you die you have a choice to stay hear as a spirit or go to the other two places I think are out there after you die. There’s actually 4 places you can go because you could also go to hell.

The second I think is in the solar system that consists of all the planets. I think when you die you can go out and live on one of those plants as a spirit. You would have the choice to live on Jupiter, Neptune, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Venus or Mercury but not the sun or the moon.

The last one I think you could choose to live in when you pass is what’s beyond outer space. Know one quite knows whats beyond outer place but I think whatever is out there spirits go there and I guess can do whatever you want.

These are what I think are out there after you die. I would probably choose to stay as a spirit here on earth after I die so I could keep an eye on my remaining family, but I may change my mind over the years.



If my grandma were here, and able to experience the delight of a warm caramel-coffee muffin, she would say she is in “seventh heaven.” What does that expression mean?

I think that it means that she thinks there are seven heavens and she really likes the seventh heaven and having experiencing the delight of a warm caramel-coffee muffin would feel as she thinks she would feel in the seventh heaven. 




What does the uncertainty principle teach us? How does this relate to faith?

The definition of uncertainty principle is the principle that the momentum and position of a particle cannot both be precisely determined at the same time. This relates to faith because you may think there is a God or you truly believe there is a God.  


What does it mean to say that God exists outside of time?

It means that God is timeless or eternal. God would never lose the past or predict the future. 


Why is our ability to know and describe God limited?

It is limited because all we know about God is what we believe and what Jesus said about him in the bible.  

What is the only “proof” that we can have of God’s existence?

Look outside and look at the trees and the grass and all things and nature God made all of those for us.