What is my favorite subject? My favorite subject is gym. There are many ways on what makes gym so fun like its a good time to socialize, your stress level goes down,you get to learn fun games, and get to play soccer.

Gym is a good way to spend time with friends. For some activities you need a partner so you can pick your best friend to be your partner. I like to pick a partner that is good at that particular sport. Like when we play soccer I like to pick a person who plays soccer to pass a ball around but if we are in the volleyball unit I like to pick someone to rally with that plays volleyball.

When you have been sitting in a classroom for a few periods your hindquarter gets a little sore. When I get to I’m always exited for gym knowing Mr. Lewin has a fun game planed for us. If I am stressed about a test or a assignment I always look forward to gym because it takes my mind off of it.

Gym class is a great way to learn new games. Mr. Lewin likes to make up his own games for us to play. One time we got to be in groups and make up our own games and then we played them in gym. We have many different units in gym right now we are on the volleyball unit. But Mr. Lewin is also showing us Paralympic volleyball. I like playing Paralympic volleyball because it’s incredible to know that people with a disability can still play the sort they love.

My favorite unit in gym is the soccer unit. I play soccer outside of school to indoor and outdoor.When I’m done school I want to go the the school in Kentucky. In Kentucky they have a really good soccer program. I also have family there. Once I’m a pretty good soccer player I want to play for the Canadians Woman’s team. This is all why Gym is my favorite sport.


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