Dream List

What is it all about?                                                                                                                       Motivation

What does Mark imagine will be written on his gravestone?                                       loving husband, devoted father, teacher

“Some people think we shouldn’t even play the game?” What else could this mean?                                                                                                                                                 That people don’t want you to play the game because they know you will fail.                                                                                                                                                        Who was Richard Simmons and what was “Dancing With The Oldies”?              He did a old show on working out.
How many times have you heard a motivational talk? What sorts of ideas are common to them all? What was something unique your heard from Mark Scharenbroich today?                                                                                                                  I have heard lots of motivational talks. They are all in common because they want us to be motivated and ever time they tell me I should be motivated I don’t get motivated. Something that was unique was that you need to motivate yourself.

Explain what Mark meant by “How can I motivate you if you can’t motivate yourself?”                                                                                                                                         He meant that no one can motivate you have have to be motivated by yourself you have to be willing to do things and get them done.
Who is Jamie Clarke and what did his team do to Mount Everest?                           Jamie Clark was  Canadian adventurer, author, filmmaker, actor, and public speaker. he went up mount Everest 2 times. The first time was climb for hope and the second was lungs without limits.
What do you want? How hard do you want to work for it? How long will you work to get it?                                                                                                                                 I want to get a goal in indoor soccer. I will work really hard until I get that goal.
Who was Al Capone? What advice did he give to a “seminar of gangsters”?       ‘In order to be suspenseful in business you need three things, you need a smile, you need an enforcer if you know what I mean, you need a plan, you got to get rid of one of them loose the smile something else get rid of the enforcer but never let go of the plan.                                                                  How often can you listen to “Unchained Melody”?                                                        I could listen to it all day. LOL

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