Qualities of Friendship

There are some traits that I look for in a friend. I like my friends to be a good listener, fun to be around and that is honest with me.

Having a friend that will listen to your problems is great to have. It doesn’t always have to be about something bad. I tell my friends what’s going on in my life and I know they will understand.

Friends that are enjoyable to be around are the best. I have friends that always want to go do something weather it’s having a sleep over or going to the mall. It’s great to have friends that want to do something with you.

I know that if my shirt was on inside out my friends would tell me. Having friends that are honest is a great quality to have in a friend. By friends being honest with you could save you from being embarrassed at school by having your shirt on inside out. My friends are also honest with me about things that go on at home and what I should do.

These are just some of the traits I have in my friends. There are many more but it would take a long time and it would be a really long essay to tell you about all the traits I like in a friend.

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