Easter in Greece

I learned that there is one official language in Greece and that religion is Greek orthodox. Mr. Sader also told us that on holy Thursday pretty much the hole community brings flowers to the church and the priest takes all the flowers and decorates jesus’s bed and then they walk through town with the decorated jesus. There are dozens of churches in one town, and the wealthy families sometimes will build their own church right in their backyard. In Stantureine there are 700 Greek orthodox churches. On thursday the priest reads 21 readings. During church everybody stands, unless you were really old or ill you could sit down but everyone’s had to stand. In Greece their favorite saint is St. Paul you will see lots and lots of pictures of St. Paul. They also like to use candle lighting, in the church they would have like this big sand box and when you would walk into the church you would grab a candle about the size of a birthday candle and you would light it and put it in the sand box and when everyone got into the church that sand box would be filled will lit candles. In Greek churches you will not see statues you will only see 2 dimensional paintings. Patmos is where saint john received the revelations that a big deal in the Catholic church. Mass on Easter the lighting of a candle is a big deal the first flame will be flown by a helicopter and when that helicopter landed the priest would get into a car that looked like a popemobile and would go up the hill up to the chapel and people would follow the popemobile up to the temple like a little parade but no one would cheer. When all the people get to the church they all stand outside with unlit candles. At midnight the priest announces that jesus is alive and everyone lights their candles. After you light your candle you try to take it home without it being blown out and if you make it back to your house then that means good luck. Right after everyone is done lighting their candles all the churches light fireworks and kids would throw little fireworks at tourists feet. In the church there were green leaves scattered everywhere. The community will also put lavender on the path and on Saturday everyone follows the lavender path to the church. Teenagers wouldn’t go to church well they went to church but they wouldn’t go in they would start up a game of soccer while church was going on. Mr. Sader also told us that every temple’s door will face east. On Easter sunday they eat lamb. People in Greece also think that cats have an awareness to God.  In lent you must fast no fish or no meat for 7 days before you take the ucrest. On Easter Saturday they can eat seafood but not fish. In the church choir there will only be men singing no women. Mr. Sader and the grade 11s and 12s went to Mars hill, Mars hill is a mountain made out of marble in the bible there is a scripture in Acts 17 in the reading that was the first place where St. Paul first preached. One of the things he said was “ I found among them an altar with the inscription, “to an unknown God”. In the churches almost every space on the walls are covered with art work. Most churches even in Canada use pictures to tell a story and not words so they don’t have to translate it. You won’t see the altar in the church only the priest will see it. In Delphi in Greece have a stone and they thought that, that stone was the center of the universe. People in the church would stand in church for a bit then they would go outside for a while and then come back in, it’s like no one was listening. People would share red eggs and they would try to crack each others eggs as a tradition. Had jubilee doors.

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