Chapter 1 Questions

1. Describe setting of the story?

The setting of Lord of the Flies is a hot deserted tropical island. There are no adults on this island it is just the British schoolboys. The island contains thick jungle and dense undergrowth. The boys spend most of their time on the white beach on a big platform of pink granite.

2. What events led the boys’ arrival on the island?

The boys arrived because of a plane crash. All sorts of boys were on the plane and they weren’t all from the same school expept for Jack and his boys.

3. Why couldn’t Jack kill the pig?

Jack was afraid to kill the pig even though he won’t admit it. He’s a child. It’s something he  The thought of all the blood that would come out of the pig and the mess it would make scared him. He didn’t want to kill a living creature.

4. Who emerges as leader of the group? Why?

Ralph was elected leader by the boys on the island they only elected him cause he looked like a leader because he’s the one that blew the conch and all the other boys found him when he did that. Piggy has all the attributes of being a leader but since he doesn’t look like a leader cause of how big he is and that he has asthma and is younger than Ralph he didn’t get elected. Piggy wasn’t even a candidate in the boys little election.






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