After Chapter 2 Critical Response: Life’s Pressures

One of the very first decisions Ralph makes is to blow the conch to call all the boys to him and Piggy so they could have a meeting. That decision to blow the conch was a good decision because all the kids heard the noise and went to Piggy and Ralph. By Ralph blowing on the conch the conch is a symbol of power all the kids now think he is the leader because he’s the one that blew the conch even though Piggy was there with Ralph when he found the conch.

It was Ralph’s decision to have a leader elected. The election was between him and Jack. Of course Ralph won because all the kids looked up to him as a leader just because he blew the conch. Ralph decided to make rules for all the kids to follow. His first rule that all kids had to put up their hands if they had something to say like in school so that no one was talking over each other. The second rule was that if you were to speak you must hold the conch.

Ralph decided to make Jack and the choir the hunters. The older boys would hunt for food for everyone to eat. Ralph knew that Jack and the choir were the only ones capable to hunt.

The boys didn’t really know that they were on an island, they assumed it was a island but didn’t actually know. Ralph decided to take Jack to walk up the mountain that is on the island and see what’s around and if it was a deserted island. Simon also ended coming on the adventure. Ralph and Jack decided to leave Piggy behind.

Ralph decided to tell the little ones to “wait” he says to wait to be rescued. Ralph says this because his dad goes off to war and always comes back and he thinks that his dad would come back and get them. The younger boys believe Ralph when he says they will be rescued but the older boys aren’t all convinced that they will be saved.

Ralph doesn’t make the best desicions he wants all the boys to have fun and keeps telling them that his dad will rescue them so he’s lying to all the boys cause his dad won’t know where they are. Piggy even though he’s not very old he thinks through and tries to keep track of all the kids by himself and Ralph didn’t.

When Ralph lit the fire and it started he wasn’t a good leader at all he didn’t even take care of the little ones he just left. That resulted in some kids getting killed from the fire.

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