“Why are some people annoying?”

Why can people around sometimes be annoying? Is there anything we should do about it? In Father Mike’s video, “Why are some people so annoying,” he says to us that being annoyed is actually a choice that we all have. In which I think it makes sense because we basically have two options that we can do : take action and give a response, or just don’t even do anything and let the action keep annoying you for the rest of your life. If you do decide to take action and give a response, Father Mike gives out 3 responses that can help : “Rise above it”, which means that you need to attempt to deal or cope well with a difficult situation, like the “coronavirus” that is happening right now. The last response is that “we can do something about it.” instead of letting that annoyance go on for a long time, we can do something to stop it from going on and on. Another is that we should “exercise patience and understanding.” when worded differently, it means that we should learn to “practice” our patience and understanding to strengthen both those factors. Another response that could also be done is to never say that “this person is annoying me,” say that “this person is actually sanctifying me.” If you want to stop someone from “annoying” you, try to do 3 or 4 of these responses from Father Mike, because actually doing something instead of letting it happen is the only way to stop it from happening forever.


Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XE07Jk2a6po&feature=emb_logo

“How to get real friends”

“How to get real friends”


How do we get real friends? What should we have or what is something necessary for a community? In Father Mike’s video “How to get real friends,” he thinks that everyone living in the world is built or created to be in a relationship with others, which I think is actually true; Everyone has one common relationship, which is the ”parent-child” type of relationship. Another relationship that people have is the “Philia” type, which is basically a friend bond, but before all of this, you would need to increase your “Availability” (A desire to connect with another) with the cost or risk of reducing your “Vulnerability” (Being able to open yourself to other people and being honest.) which means the “more available a person is, the less vulnerability a person will have.” Doing the exact reverse of this will result in the person being basically anti-social with other people because obviously, they had very little availability and had lots of vulnerability. This would be pretty bad for this person because without a relationship or community will never be able to get a “real friend.”

Why God Allows Suffering

Why does God allow suffering? Does this mean that he does not really love us? Not entirely, In Father Mike’s video “The Real Answer to Why God Allows Suffering,” he believes that if something evil were to get removed from this universe, then we would not be able to have any freedom in the world anymore. He is also saying that God has allowed the world to be broken for us to gain that freedom that he has given us, and all that suffering matters because we give it to God, and anything given to God is never wasted. I somewhat agree with Father Mike’s statement because I believe that if we did not have anything evil or bad happen to anyone in the world, we would not be able learn from them, meaning that every time something bad happens, you repeat the same process where you don’t know how to treat it and just let it be.

Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJrn9rkOYH4&feature=emb_logo

Leaving home

Question: “Imagine it is the summer after Grade 12. Imagine you are heading off to college and you will be living away from home for the first time. Write a post in your blog that discusses what you might be scared of and/or excited about. Discuss the roots of your fears and the opportunities for fun and learning you expect. Really think carefully about the ways you’ll personally be afraid and offer how you think you will cope with that nervousness.”


Entering college indicates that you have taken a big step in life and gives you many opportunities. Completing a major / course that you are passionate about can give you an even wider range of opportunities in life. But before any of that, you will need to put lots of hours into your education, the same way you did for all 12 years in school. Before attending college, most students will have many expectations, like fun opportunities or fears.
Personally, one of the greatest fears I worry for is starting a “new” life with no family members or well-known friends around. I won’t have anyone familiar that can help me with something like economy or a question on a certain class, or just to take a break and hang around with. But eventually, I will start to become more comfortable with classmates that are in the same course as me and eventually that relationship will grow to a state where I can seek help from close classmates.” To cope with this fear, all I would need to do is just be more open and socialize with people, especially with ones that you share common interests with.
Another thing I worry about is not maintaining the same grades I did back in high-school or just forgetting how to study properly. Highlighting, reading and memorizing will not help as much in college, you will need to know how to read “critically” or just understand and know what the text is about, not knowing will put you in a “danger zone” in college. To cope with this problem, all I would do is just study harder and ask for help from an educator or even a classmate that knows how to solve the problems.
Lastly, financial issues in the soon future in college is also a great a worry. Not keeping track of your financial aid deadline is going to be one of them. At one point, it feels like those deadlines are far away, but then all of a sudden, it’s already time to sign those papers that you weren’t ready for. Missing those deadlines on filing paperwork will not get you the money you need to live comfortably will cause a “financial havoc.” To cope with this fear, at the beginning of the semester, I would have a chat with financial advisors or councilors to ask them about what I should do and when should I do so. I can also keep track by putting up reminders of when I should sign using my calendar.
Something that most people get an opportunity when joining a college is the chance to explore new places when going to another city or even going abroad to another country. You can see more of the world and what other cities look like instead of staying in a home you’ve stayed at for as long as you can remember.
Volunteering is possibly one of the best opportunities that students in college can get, this could even make your resume look better than before. Volunteering can even help you find and explore more career paths in life, all you need to do is find local communities that have similar goals and see if you truly enjoy it, this gives you enough time to explore possible career choices that you may or may not have considered yet. Talking more about resumes, putting this in a resume shows the people that are looking for hire that you are a very dedicated and reliable person depending on how much hours you have put in.
Joining a college means that you can get a chance to meet up with new people in that area and possibly keep that same friendship lasting for years. Sure, at first, you feel might feel anxiety when attempting to make new friends, but you aren’t alone in this type of situation, in the first week of college, once you meet up with those people that have the same “anxiety camaraderie,” there’s a good chance that you will remain good friends for a very long time.

What is “The Rutherford?”

Why is this scholarship called “The Rutherford?”

It was named in the honor of Alexander Rutherford, who had the distinction of being Alberta’s first Premier and Minister of Education. Well-known for his strong support of public education, particularly the University of Alberta and his active involvement in community affairs.


Who was Alexander Rutherford?

He was a Canadian lawyer and politician who served as the first premier of Alberta form 1905 to 1910. and as stated above, he was well-known for his strong support of public education, particularly the University of Alberta and for his active involvements in community affairs.


What is the purpose of  “The Rutherford?”

It was to recognize and reward academic achievement of senior high school students and encourage them to pursue post-secondary studies.


How do you apply for this Scholarship?

People will be able to apply once your “official high school transcript marks” are ready and available and when you have at least enrolled in a full-time post-secondary studies.


How can you receive this scholarship?

You will need to meet all 4 eligibility criteria:

  • Must be a Canadian Citizen, a permanent Resident of Canada or Protected person under “Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. (Visa students are not considered eligible.)
  • Be an Alberta resident, and to be considered an Alberta resident the following conditions must apply:

– One parent or legal guardian must have maintained permanent residence in Canada for at least 12 consecutive months immediately prior to the applicant commencing  a program of study;

– Applicant has maintained permanent residence in Alberta at least 12-months prior to commencing a program of study;

– Applicant is not eligible to receive a scholarship with respect to any grade unless the applicant or the applicant’s parent(s)/legal guardian were a resident in Alberta throughout the whole of that grade.

  • Have completed high school on or after September 30, 1980.
  • Be enrolled in a full course load in a designed post-secondary or an apprenticeship program of at least one semester in length.
  • Be enrolled in a full course load in a designated post-secondary or an apprenticeship program of at least one semester in length.


How many courses do you need while enrolled in high-school?

As a grade 10, 11, or 12, students must have a minimum combined average based on the five designated courses:

  • Math classes (-1 or -2)
  • Science classes (BIO, CHEM, PHYS 20/30)
  • Social Studies classes (-1 or -2)
  • English or French classes (-1 or -2)
  • CTS (Career and Technology studies or optional classes

Calculated from:

– For Alberta Residents:

Courses/marks on an official Alberta Transcript of High School Achievement.

– For students that completed High School outside of Alberta:

Courses/marks that appear on an official high school transcript attained in another province.


(Disbursement) When and how will you get your payment?

Once your enrollment has been confirmed by the post-secondary institution of your choice, Alberta Student Aid (ASA) will mail a cheque to you within one month.


Favorite Hobbies

One of my hobbies is playing the piano :

I enjoy playing the piano because it’s just entertaining instrument to play while killing some time. It can relate to achieving a certain task because you can feel somewhat completed after learning and “mastering” a song, like “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen. Support-wise, my parents are there to encourage me and play new songs everyday on the piano.


Another is cooking:

To me, cooking is an important job to learn in the future, so I decided that I would learn how to cook around my 15th year. It’s an enjoyable hobby because I have that urge and devotion to learn a recipe and eventually cook for my parents and give them a chance to ease their selves. To me, whenever I learn a recipe, I would feel achieved. You put all your effort into cooking a recipe you like and after a few days, all that effort finally pays off. For support, there is always my father to help my improve in cooking, whenever I make a mistake, he can always tell me what the problem is and help me fix that same mistake.


Lastly, graphic designing:

Graphic designing somewhat a hobby because I enjoy making various designs for people whenever they ask my to do so, it’s just another way of killing time. Finishing up and putting the final touches on the design and presenting it to the “recipient” and showing actual gratitude tells me that all that effort put into the design was able to make the other happy, basically a win-win. Support-wise, if I don’t know what the next steps are, there is always the widely used internet that can help me because of the ready and available resources provided in every search I do.

Forrest Gump Project

Original Image (BACKGROUND):

Image of myself being added into the background:

Step 1: Open up “GIMP 2.10” and open a new image (The background) by right clicking anywhere on the screen and hovering over to “File >” and press “Open…”


Upon opening the background image, I made it into a “Black & White” picture by right clicking anywhere on the screen and hovering over to the “Colors >” and hovering over to “Desaturate >” then clicking “Desaturate…”

Your results should be similar to this:

Right-click anywhere within GIMP and do the same process for opening a new image but this time, you have to click “Open as layers…” to open your secondary image on top of the background image.


Ff one of your layers need to be rotated to the other way, use the “flip” tool

This then makes the layer “Flip” the other way around.

Step 2. Being “inside” the image of the Beatles.

Try to find a spot for your “secondary” picture and try to make it fit between the spaces using “Scale Layer”

You will get introduced to this screen.

You can turn down the width and height to make it smaller, but if you need to make it bigger, you can turn it up.

My results after “Scaling” the image:

After scaling the image, do the same process of “desaturating” from the 1st step to also make your secondary picture become gray:


To try and lighten the image, try going the same path “Colors >” “Desaturate >” but this time, press on “Color to gray…”

Another window should open up, go ahead and mess around with options. Then attempt to make yourself blend into the picture.

Once you think that you got a perfect blend in, you can use the “Eraser” tool to start and erase parts of yourself to make the image look like you are behind an object/person.



Step 3: Removing the white outlines

Press the eyeballs on every other layer EXCEPT the secondary image (yourself) so you will only see yourself with a transparent background.

If you have any white outlines near your secondary picture, that can be removed by using the “Fuzzy select tool.” tool.

Enable “Feather Edges” option and mess around with both the “Radius” and “Threshold”

Click anywhere on the hair, I recommend finding a color that is “between” black and a darker shade of gray.

You can either get separate parts of the hair and “merge” them together, or try to mess around with the options to get a big part of the hair.


Whole hair in one go:

If you are happy with how much hair you have selected, go ahead and “Copy” by going to “Edit >” and click on “Copy…”

Open up a new layer (Right-click, “New Layer”) and  click on “Paste into place…” (Right-click > Edit > “Paste into place…”)

There should be a new layer called “Floating Selection, ” Right-click on the “Floating Selection” layer and press “New layer” making it become the new layer.


Try aligning the original with the hair wig. Afterwards, you can merge them together.

Before and after merging the wig and my head together.


BEFORE .                                AFTER .

And that is how you remove the little white bits around your head / secondary image.

What I look like in the Beatles photo so far.

Last step: Lighting on the secondary image.

Make a new layer (Right-Click > New Layer)

Once a new window pops up, press on “Mode: Normal” and scroll down on “Overlay”

Afterwards, press Ok.

Once you get a new layer, Right-click and hover over “Edit >” then press on “Fill with FG color.” Make sure that you have the correct color chosen! (In my case, its white.)

(Color white is the Foreground color, Black is the Background color. So click on one of the colors to change them.)

What the entire image should look like.

The layer order should look like this:

Next, Add layer mask to the top layer. (Right-click on the top layer, then press on “Add layer mask”)

A new window should pop up, Choose the option Black (full transparency.) and click on add.

Use the brush tool and start “brushing” the top of the hair to make it similar to the other people’s hairs.

Once you are satisfied with your work, go ahead and right-click on the top layer and press on “Apply layer mask”

Then Right-click once more and press on “Merge Down”

The results of my lighting :

That is how you can do the “Forrest Gump” project.

Multiply Yourself

The background image for my photoshop:

The image being added into the background:

Step 1: Open Application “GIMP 2.10”

Step 2: Open a new image

Process: Right click on anywhere around the screen of GIMP and hover over “File >” and press “Open…” Find your background image (Usually in your downloads folder) and voilà! The image you chose is suddenly in front of your eyes!

Same process for the secondary image, but this time, instead of “Open…” You will choose “Open as layers…” Thus, you have a second picture inside your project as the second layer.

The Background image is set, which means that you can leave it untouched for now.

Step 3: Separation

Process” Choose the path shown below.

Have a start point and start to “trace” yourself.

Once finished, this is what it should look like.

Once you get this result, Right click anywhere around your screen (as long as its in GIMP) and hover over the “Select >” and go down to “From Path” and click on it.

It should highlight the trace that you have made, now Right click again  and hover “Select >” but this time, press “Invert”. After that, Hover over the “Edit >” Go down and press clear. Resulting in this image.

Proceed to remove bits that you may have accidentally highlighted using the eraser.


Step 4: Pasting yourself into another layer.

Select the layer you have just traced and drag it at the top so no other layers will interfere with the layer itself.

Make sure that the picture you pasted into the background has the same and correct lighting as the background image, you can adjust it’s brightness using “Curve…” and “Brightness-Constrast…” This is found under the tab “Colors >” and you will be able to select “Curves” and “Brightness-Contrast.

You will then be greeted by this new window:



Play around with these and try to get the perfect lighting and brightness to make the separated picture blend in with the background image.

And there you have it! A finished product of the “Multiply Yourself” Project!

The results of my picture:



Color Changer


Step 1: Open up “GIMP 2.10″, right-click anywhere on the screen and open the image that you have chosen to color change.


Step 2: Right-click anywhere on the screen again, hover over the “Colors >” Tab and press “Curves…”

you will then be greeted with another window like this one below.

You can adjust any way you would like, go up or down, left or right, “wibble wobble” that line to find the brightness that is perfect for you.

To change the colors, right-click and hover over “Colors >” and  select “Hue-Saturation…”

This time, you will be greeted with this window:

(OPTIONAL) Step 3: You can layer mask the image as well to separate a part of the picture and color it without affecting the other images.

Select the image and right click on the layer and select “Apply Layer Mask…”

I recommend duplicating the image just in case something goes wrong with the picture.

Upon selecting “Apply Layer Mask…” you will be greeted with another windows like this.

You have to use “White (Full Opacity)” you can choose to invert the mask or not, it depends on you. Once you are sure that your settings are correct, proceed by pressing “Add” and start using the brush to separate the area, if you have the “Invert Mask” selected, you have to use an eraser this time.

Layer Mask I did on the picture (The Sky):

And there you have it, you have finished your “Color Changing” assignment.

My image before and after:


A “Walkthrough” of how I changed the colors for images.

Who Am I?

My name is Sean Benedict Espiritu, I live in a small town called Vermilion. The school I currently attend to is St. Jerome’s, a Catholic school which includes the grades from Kindergarten to the twelfth grade. I have enjoyed doing activities, studies, and staying in this school for 7 years, I love hanging out with close friends whether it’s in school or not. Unfortunately, this happens rarely sometimes because of babysitting that I need to do. This entire essay is all about me, what my dreams are and what my strengths and talents are.


First off, I will be explaining my hope and achievements in the later future. By the age between 16 to 18, I would like to improve my skills as a piano player or at least get an accordion and play large amounts of old songs that are possible to play with the accordion. Another dream I would like to accomplish is to get a bachelor’s degree for Computer Sciences in order to be a great technician someday, analyzing and mending so broken hardware in a certain device. For the last achievement, I would like to accomplish is to be a wealthy, happy and successful person that lives in a happy family.


For the second piece of information about me, it is all about the strengths and weaknesses that I possess. First strength that I hold is having the knowledge about basic hardware of a computer, which simply means I know what is inside a certain device and how the hardware helps the device operate. Another strength I have is playing two instruments, the piano and the ukulele, as stated in the first paragraph, I have some experiences playing the piano. The lessons I usually take are youtube piano tutorials, which has somewhat helped me over the past few months. The main weakness I have is time management, I mostly do not finish assignments or sometimes wake up at the right time, getting me into situations where I would be late getting to school, wasting precious time that I could spend on working on some late assignments.


Lastly, What I am working on to improve myself/life. I will be able to improve myself by improving on my studies and getting good grades to get into college, get a degree, and live a successful life. Another thing I would want to mostly improve is my time management, I would like to get important assignments or things on time so I would have more spare time and not get so busy all the time. Lastly, I would personally like to conquer my fear; For example, I would like to conquer my fear of heights so I could go skydiving once and go explore the mountains and have a nice view of the other mountains.


These are the traits that I possess that makes me unique from others, and it is also to help me find who I really am and represents us as a human person. Once again, talking about unique, everyone else has different traits that help them find who they are, not just me. So how about you? What makes you unique from others?