After taking the survey, the type of personality I was presented was the ESFJ (The Provider.) the real sentence for the abbreviated ESFJ, is extroverted, sensing, feeling, and judging.

Four sections of my personality are:


ENERGY: Extraversion

This means that I am always comfortable working in groups with other people, love to socialize with others, and is invigorated when being around familiar friends/classmates.



This means that I would collect and present my important information in an orderly and concrete fashon/format, I would also focus on details and organizing ideas as well as explaining them. I rely on my own observation and measurement to fully understand what is currently happening.



This means that I would care for huge amount of people that are pretty close and important to me, I make my decisions using subjective criteria, and I also take circumstances into account.



By the term judging, it doesn’t mean what I would think of things that may look not as good as they should be, no, this simply means that I would be thoughtful, and judicious, I would usually enjoy organizing and planning, and concrete goals and deadlines would be preferable, i would try to also seek closure to certain tasks.

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