After taking this survey in “Myblueprint” I was presented with my Top Motivation Factor being “Relationships.” The basic overview of this factor is about forming friendships and connections with the people around your area whenever possible, whether it’s just a classmate, a teammate, or even a customer. You should also make value of friendly, honest, […]


  After taking the survey of “Knowledge” the top subject area I was presented with, was the “Computer’s” area. The second and third subjects I was presented with were the the “Languages” and “Physical Education” subject areas.   TOP SUBJECT: Computers   When describing “briefly” about this subject of computers, the description of computers would […]


  After taking this survey, It results me as an “Activist (SR)” as it clearly shows and states it above this sentence. The Activist in terms states that I would be supporting others through actions, people that have this type are always willing to volunteer who wouldn’t mind putting themselves into difficult or even through […]