After taking this survey, It results me as an “Activist (SR)” as it clearly shows and states it above this sentence. The Activist in terms states that I would be supporting others through actions, people that have this type are always willing to volunteer who wouldn’t mind putting themselves into difficult or even through dangerous situations in order to support a cause if it’s one that they would believe in. The Activist is pretty genuine, which is persistent and is willing to take a minor or dangerous risk which is why they can be found lending a helping hand in very challenging environments. If you want to find somebody who is willing to lend any possible support whenever it is most needed, you should find someone that is an Activist.


There are TWO primary Interests that I have:



This trait has occupations that “revolve” around people. These occupations would usually involve assisting, teaching, healing or even serving others in need. The focus of this occupation is able to range from very practical to highly academic outcomes.



This trait has occupations that usually involve practical, hand-on activities. The main focus for this trait would have examples that include working with plants, animals, materials, tools, and also machinery. Many realistic occupations would require working outdoors and wouldn’t usually involve a lot of paperwork or require some “Doers” to work closely with others.

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