After taking this survey in “Myblueprint” I was presented with my Top Motivation Factor being “Relationships.” The basic overview of this factor is about forming friendships and connections with the people around your area whenever possible, whether it’s just a classmate, a teammate, or even a customer. You should also make value of friendly, honest, and cooperative environments where teamwork and support are the norm. (Usual or Standard)


PRIMARY FACTOR: Relationships

We all form relationships with other people around us, whether it is an emotional or some other type of connection between everyone, or maybe just a connection or an association at work, some may be good, some may be bad. When we work or interact with someone, no matter how frequently we do so, we are always able to form a type of relationship with them, for example, at work, in person, online internet, or school. It also would be difficult to imagine in any circumstances, we would not form a relationship of any kind.



In this term, this most likely means that we would usually agree with or tolerate and approve of someone sometimes showing approval or even support through actions. Other terms would also include assisting someone currently having a problem, and promote the interests or causes of someone’s doings in life.

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