Who Am I?

My name is Sean Benedict Espiritu, I live in a small town called Vermilion. The school I currently attend to is St. Jerome’s, a Catholic school which includes the grades from Kindergarten to the twelfth grade. I have enjoyed doing activities, studies, and staying in this school for 7 years, I love hanging out with close friends whether it’s in school or not. Unfortunately, this happens rarely sometimes because of babysitting that I need to do. This entire essay is all about me, what my dreams are and what my strengths and talents are.


First off, I will be explaining my hope and achievements in the later future. By the age between 16 to 18, I would like to improve my skills as a piano player or at least get an accordion and play large amounts of old songs that are possible to play with the accordion. Another dream I would like to accomplish is to get a bachelor’s degree for Computer Sciences in order to be a great technician someday, analyzing and mending so broken hardware in a certain device. For the last achievement, I would like to accomplish is to be a wealthy, happy and successful person that lives in a happy family.


For the second piece of information about me, it is all about the strengths and weaknesses that I possess. First strength that I hold is having the knowledge about basic hardware of a computer, which simply means I know what is inside a certain device and how the hardware helps the device operate. Another strength I have is playing two instruments, the piano and the ukulele, as stated in the first paragraph, I have some experiences playing the piano. The lessons I usually take are youtube piano tutorials, which has somewhat helped me over the past few months. The main weakness I have is time management, I mostly do not finish assignments or sometimes wake up at the right time, getting me into situations where I would be late getting to school, wasting precious time that I could spend on working on some late assignments.


Lastly, What I am working on to improve myself/life. I will be able to improve myself by improving on my studies and getting good grades to get into college, get a degree, and live a successful life. Another thing I would want to mostly improve is my time management, I would like to get important assignments or things on time so I would have more spare time and not get so busy all the time. Lastly, I would personally like to conquer my fear; For example, I would like to conquer my fear of heights so I could go skydiving once and go explore the mountains and have a nice view of the other mountains.


These are the traits that I possess that makes me unique from others, and it is also to help me find who I really am and represents us as a human person. Once again, talking about unique, everyone else has different traits that help them find who they are, not just me. So how about you? What makes you unique from others?

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