Multiply Yourself

The background image for my photoshop:

The image being added into the background:

Step 1: Open Application “GIMP 2.10”

Step 2: Open a new image

Process: Right click on anywhere around the screen of GIMP and hover over “File >” and press “Open…” Find your background image (Usually in your downloads folder) and voilĂ ! The image you chose is suddenly in front of your eyes!

Same process for the secondary image, but this time, instead of “Open…” You will choose “Open as layers…” Thus, you have a second picture inside your project as the second layer.

The Background image is set, which means that you can leave it untouched for now.

Step 3: Separation

Process” Choose the path shown below.

Have a start point and start to “trace” yourself.

Once finished, this is what it should look like.

Once you get this result, Right click anywhere around your screen (as long as its in GIMP) and hover over the “Select >” and go down to “From Path” and click on it.

It should highlight the trace that you have made, now Right click again  and hover “Select >” but this time, press “Invert”. After that, Hover over the “Edit >” Go down and press clear. Resulting in this image.

Proceed to remove bits that you may have accidentally highlighted using the eraser.


Step 4: Pasting yourself into another layer.

Select the layer you have just traced and drag it at the top so no other layers will interfere with the layer itself.

Make sure that the picture you pasted into the background has the same and correct lighting as the background image, you can adjust it’s brightness using “Curve…” and “Brightness-Constrast…” This is found under the tab “Colors >” and you will be able to select “Curves” and “Brightness-Contrast.

You will then be greeted by this new window:



Play around with these and try to get the perfect lighting and brightness to make the separated picture blend in with the background image.

And there you have it! A finished product of the “Multiply Yourself” Project!

The results of my picture:



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