Forrest Gump Project

Original Image (BACKGROUND):

Image of myself being added into the background:

Step 1: Open up “GIMP 2.10” and open a new image (The background) by right clicking anywhere on the screen and hovering over to “File >” and press “Open…”


Upon opening the background image, I made it into a “Black & White” picture by right clicking anywhere on the screen and hovering over to the “Colors >” and hovering over to “Desaturate >” then clicking “Desaturate…”

Your results should be similar to this:

Right-click anywhere within GIMP and do the same process for opening a new image but this time, you have to click “Open as layers…” to open your secondary image on top of the background image.


Ff one of your layers need to be rotated to the other way, use the “flip” tool

This then makes the layer “Flip” the other way around.

Step 2. Being “inside” the image of the Beatles.

Try to find a spot for your “secondary” picture and try to make it fit between the spaces using “Scale Layer”

You will get introduced to this screen.

You can turn down the width and height to make it smaller, but if you need to make it bigger, you can turn it up.

My results after “Scaling” the image:

After scaling the image, do the same process of “desaturating” from the 1st step to also make your secondary picture become gray:


To try and lighten the image, try going the same path “Colors >” “Desaturate >” but this time, press on “Color to gray…”

Another window should open up, go ahead and mess around with options. Then attempt to make yourself blend into the picture.

Once you think that you got a perfect blend in, you can use the “Eraser” tool to start and erase parts of yourself to make the image look like you are behind an object/person.



Step 3: Removing the white outlines

Press the eyeballs on every other layer EXCEPT the secondary image (yourself) so you will only see yourself with a transparent background.

If you have any white outlines near your secondary picture, that can be removed by using the “Fuzzy select tool.” tool.

Enable “Feather Edges” option and mess around with both the “Radius” and “Threshold”

Click anywhere on the hair, I recommend finding a color that is “between” black and a darker shade of gray.

You can either get separate parts of the hair and “merge” them together, or try to mess around with the options to get a big part of the hair.


Whole hair in one go:

If you are happy with how much hair you have selected, go ahead and “Copy” by going to “Edit >” and click on “Copy…”

Open up a new layer (Right-click, “New Layer”) and  click on “Paste into place…” (Right-click > Edit > “Paste into place…”)

There should be a new layer called “Floating Selection, ” Right-click on the “Floating Selection” layer and press “New layer” making it become the new layer.


Try aligning the original with the hair wig. Afterwards, you can merge them together.

Before and after merging the wig and my head together.


BEFORE .                                AFTER .

And that is how you remove the little white bits around your head / secondary image.

What I look like in the Beatles photo so far.

Last step: Lighting on the secondary image.

Make a new layer (Right-Click > New Layer)

Once a new window pops up, press on “Mode: Normal” and scroll down on “Overlay”

Afterwards, press Ok.

Once you get a new layer, Right-click and hover over “Edit >” then press on “Fill with FG color.” Make sure that you have the correct color chosen! (In my case, its white.)

(Color white is the Foreground color, Black is the Background color. So click on one of the colors to change them.)

What the entire image should look like.

The layer order should look like this:

Next, Add layer mask to the top layer. (Right-click on the top layer, then press on “Add layer mask”)

A new window should pop up, Choose the option Black (full transparency.) and click on add.

Use the brush tool and start “brushing” the top of the hair to make it similar to the other people’s hairs.

Once you are satisfied with your work, go ahead and right-click on the top layer and press on “Apply layer mask”

Then Right-click once more and press on “Merge Down”

The results of my lighting :

That is how you can do the “Forrest Gump” project.

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