Leaving home

Question: “Imagine it is the summer after Grade 12. Imagine you are heading off to college and you will be living away from home for the first time. Write a post in your blog that discusses what you might be scared of and/or excited about. Discuss the roots of your fears and the opportunities for fun and learning you expect. Really think carefully about the ways you’ll personally be afraid and offer how you think you will cope with that nervousness.”


Entering college indicates that you have taken a big step in life and gives you many opportunities. Completing a major / course that you are passionate about can give you an even wider range of opportunities in life. But before any of that, you will need to put lots of hours into your education, the same way you did for all 12 years in school. Before attending college, most students will have many expectations, like fun opportunities or fears.
Personally, one of the greatest fears I worry for is starting a “new” life with no family members or well-known friends around. I won’t have anyone familiar that can help me with something like economy or a question on a certain class, or just to take a break and hang around with. But eventually, I will start to become more comfortable with classmates that are in the same course as me and eventually that relationship will grow to a state where I can seek help from close classmates.” To cope with this fear, all I would need to do is just be more open and socialize with people, especially with ones that you share common interests with.
Another thing I worry about is not maintaining the same grades I did back in high-school or just forgetting how to study properly. Highlighting, reading and memorizing will not help as much in college, you will need to know how to read “critically” or just understand and know what the text is about, not knowing will put you in a “danger zone” in college. To cope with this problem, all I would do is just study harder and ask for help from an educator or even a classmate that knows how to solve the problems.
Lastly, financial issues in the soon future in college is also a great a worry. Not keeping track of your financial aid deadline is going to be one of them. At one point, it feels like those deadlines are far away, but then all of a sudden, it’s already time to sign those papers that you weren’t ready for. Missing those deadlines on filing paperwork will not get you the money you need to live comfortably will cause a “financial havoc.” To cope with this fear, at the beginning of the semester, I would have a chat with financial advisors or councilors to ask them about what I should do and when should I do so. I can also keep track by putting up reminders of when I should sign using my calendar.
Something that most people get an opportunity when joining a college is the chance to explore new places when going to another city or even going abroad to another country. You can see more of the world and what other cities look like instead of staying in a home you’ve stayed at for as long as you can remember.
Volunteering is possibly one of the best opportunities that students in college can get, this could even make your resume look better than before. Volunteering can even help you find and explore more career paths in life, all you need to do is find local communities that have similar goals and see if you truly enjoy it, this gives you enough time to explore possible career choices that you may or may not have considered yet. Talking more about resumes, putting this in a resume shows the people that are looking for hire that you are a very dedicated and reliable person depending on how much hours you have put in.
Joining a college means that you can get a chance to meet up with new people in that area and possibly keep that same friendship lasting for years. Sure, at first, you feel might feel anxiety when attempting to make new friends, but you aren’t alone in this type of situation, in the first week of college, once you meet up with those people that have the same “anxiety camaraderie,” there’s a good chance that you will remain good friends for a very long time.
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