Why God Allows Suffering

Why does God allow suffering? Does this mean that he does not really love us? Not entirely, In Father Mike’s video “The Real Answer to Why God Allows Suffering,” he believes that if something evil were to get removed from this universe, then we would not be able to have any freedom in the world anymore. He is also saying that God has allowed the world to be broken for us to gain that freedom that he has given us, and all that suffering matters because we give it to God, and anything given to God is never wasted. I somewhat agree with Father Mike’s statement because I believe that if we did not have anything evil or bad happen to anyone in the world, we would not be able learn from them, meaning that every time something bad happens, you repeat the same process where you don’t know how to treat it and just let it be.

Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJrn9rkOYH4&feature=emb_logo

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