they are very proud of their great victory of their challenge and were so excited and filled with happiness and they could not be removed from this glory until they forced themselves to leave. My thoughts about this are that they need to have fun and keep happy because if they are mad and angry […]

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Act 4 Critical Response

“Brutus’s reaction to the news of Portia’s death does/doesn’t surprise me because …” Because Brutus is a stoic type of person and he can endure pain or hardship without showing very much emotions. that is Why Brutus is not showing his symphony towards Portia’s death when he finds out about it. “I am not surprised […]

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Act 2 review questions

  What evidence is there in Scene I that Brutus has been much perturbed about the problem of Caesar? Brutus is Second Guessing himself and is Doubting if his plan to kill Caeser is a good idea. Brutus is trying to convince himself that it is for the common good but he is having nightmares […]

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Act 3 review questions

In the Popilius Lena incident how is Brutus made to appear in a better light than Cassius? When Popilius comes up to Cassius and says I wish your enterprise today may thrive. Cassius and Brutus Both think that he may know there plan to kill Caeser. As Popilius approaches Caeser they start thinking that he is […]

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Act 1 writing assignment

In ancient Rome Marullus and Flavius tribunes that are people to protect the rights of the people in ancient Rome. Approach a couple of work men and ask them to name their occupation and want to know why the are away from work the first response they get is straight forward and the second has […]

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Ignored advise

I did not follow the advice my mom gave me while i was cooking supper. So I forgot to no stick spray pan the pan for making pancakes. And did not make enough batter to feed the hole family. And when I was working in the coal mine the workers offered me advise on wearing […]

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I’ve being getting flattered with all the suspense rising up and from all the characters planning to attack and kill Julius Caeser. the meetings that have been planned and all the discussions on how they plan on killing Caeser like what type of weapons they are going to use to kill him , or is […]

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feast of Lupercalia

the feast of lupercalia was a party in honor of lupa the she wolf that suckled on infant orphans. it was to avert evil spirits and purify the city. Lupercalia is a Roman God he is the the god of shepherds. The priests of Lupercalia wore goatskin. The festival begins with the sacrifice of 2 […]

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