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What role does technology play in our lives and nature?  I believe that technology plays a very positive role and also a very negative role on our lives and nature. Some technology has a great effect to our lives and not only us but also nature. But it also has a very negative effect to us and nature.
Technology is very far advanced nowadays. Back around 100 years ago the technology level was very far behind and the computer was no where close to what the computers look and work like now. Most of the technology we use today is just used because we want to use it not because we need to use it. It makes us feel better to know that we have every thing we want right in front of us.
The effect that technology plays on humans is a great effect. Humans are no longer getting up and doing things physically, because they can do most things on their computers just by turning it on and sitting in front of it. Although it is very efficient it is making our society very lazy and unwilling to do work. Also they are paying more attention to their phones and computers than to what really matters and what is important in life. They are also missing the little things in life that you probably won’t be able to relive.


Computers obviously have internet, which allows people of all ages to post the wrong things like pictures or videos of animals being abused. They are also posting unneeded things like talking about the worth of animals which is a negative thing because most the times they are talking about how worthless they are. And almost a hundred percent of the time they are posting misleading and propaganda like news that is irrelevant.
That is my perspective of the effect that technology plays on humans and also nature and animals. And through the statements I have stated I believe that most  the technology we have has a very negative effect on animals and humans.

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