Figures of Speech: A Sunrise on the Veld

Simile- The figure of speech that compares one thing to another is called a simile. Everyone commonly uses a simile in their daily conversations whether they know they are or they don’t. A simile is the most common figure of speech that people use. In the story Doris Lessing used several similes. “Luxury of warm rested body, with the arms and legs and fingers waiting like soldiers for a word of command”. Was one of the similes she used. Along with “Then he sprung out, like a fish leaping from water”.


Metaphor-  A figure of speech in which a word or phrase is applied to an object or an action which is literally applicable. These are commonly used in poems. Metaphors are mainly used to give more effect to a statement. In the short story A Sunrise on the Veld Doris Lessing uses some metaphors. In the story it says “Drunk with excitement” is a metaphor used, because it’s not possible to be actually drunk off of excitement but it was used to make the sentence not so boring.


Personification- Comparing a nonliving thing to a living thing is a personification. We use phrases like these commonly without knowing that it is a personification. In the short story Doris Lessing used many of these. For example, when she was talking about how the house looked so small, like it was crouching down. A house can’t crouch down, it’s not a living, breathing thing. It was a personification being used.


Alliteration- The figure of speech that has the occurrence of the same letter at the beginning of an adjacent or closely connected words would be an alliteration. There isn’t many used in this short story but one of the alliterations used would be “Smiled Scornfully”. They both start with the same sound.


Using an object to represent a different meaning other than the actual object is a symbol. We use many symbols in our generation, even before our generation we have been using symbols. In the short story A Sunrise on the Veld there are some symbols being used. Like for example, the lintel that he stepped over was cutting him off from the outside, like he was being marginalized. This is just like the short story Borders where they were not allowed to cross the border. They felt marginalized because of who they were.






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