The Reasons to Believe

In the short article The Reasons to Believe by Peter Kreeft there were several points to argue and many points to invest your time and thoughts into. This story related to topics on the beliefs of the creator, God. Whether what He created was meant for us and why he created it. There are many existential and deep thoughts that we had discussions on in class and interesting feedback.


We spent some time on the controversial theory or statement of the difference of “Leap to faith” and Leap of Faith”. There is no one that knows if God really exists, we just choose to believe or choose not to. Taking a leap of faith is like only jumping towards something that you previously know information on and remain in that place because you’re not comfortable with moving into the unknown. Taking A Leap to Faith would be moving forward to something anonymous, something you have no proof of but jump just because you have faith in a good outcome.


The Lewis Trilemma is another topic we have discussed about, whether He is a liar, lunatic, or the lord. The bible stories that we have examined and the stories that have been passed down through generations have only ever talked about the good deeds that God and Jesus has done. And if you really sit and think into depth, if God was a liar or a lunatic why would we do only good. Therefor, he has to be the Lord.


Reading and understanding all of these points and arguments would inevitably bring upon some frightening thoughts, which lead to some of the basic fears that we have when it comes to our religion. One basic fear is the doubt that God is real, that if all of this is a hoax then there is no heaven and then there would be no hope of being in a good place after death. Another fear is that we are not immortal, but our souls are. That one day there will be a time where our bodies will no longer be roaming the earth but our souls will, and where they will be placed?


There are a number of concerns and questions that people will have that relate back to God because he is the all-knowing, and we are not even a glimpse of that. Until the day that He comes back onto the earth we are going to be steadily questioning and challenging the deepest parts of our religious notions and He is the only person to perfectly answer them.  


Figures of Speech: A Sunrise on the Veld

Simile- The figure of speech that compares one thing to another is called a simile. Everyone commonly uses a simile in their daily conversations whether they know they are or they don’t. A simile is the most common figure of speech that people use. In the story Doris Lessing used several similes. “Luxury of warm rested body, with the arms and legs and fingers waiting like soldiers for a word of command”. Was one of the similes she used. Along with “Then he sprung out, like a fish leaping from water”.


Metaphor-  A figure of speech in which a word or phrase is applied to an object or an action which is literally applicable. These are commonly used in poems. Metaphors are mainly used to give more effect to a statement. In the short story A Sunrise on the Veld Doris Lessing uses some metaphors. In the story it says “Drunk with excitement” is a metaphor used, because it’s not possible to be actually drunk off of excitement but it was used to make the sentence not so boring.


Personification- Comparing a nonliving thing to a living thing is a personification. We use phrases like these commonly without knowing that it is a personification. In the short story Doris Lessing used many of these. For example, when she was talking about how the house looked so small, like it was crouching down. A house can’t crouch down, it’s not a living, breathing thing. It was a personification being used.


Alliteration- The figure of speech that has the occurrence of the same letter at the beginning of an adjacent or closely connected words would be an alliteration. There isn’t many used in this short story but one of the alliterations used would be “Smiled Scornfully”. They both start with the same sound.


Using an object to represent a different meaning other than the actual object is a symbol. We use many symbols in our generation, even before our generation we have been using symbols. In the short story A Sunrise on the Veld there are some symbols being used. Like for example, the lintel that he stepped over was cutting him off from the outside, like he was being marginalized. This is just like the short story Borders where they were not allowed to cross the border. They felt marginalized because of who they were.






Wordcraft: A Sunrise on the Veld


Definition- To be on guard or aware of

“Remaining vigilant all night and counting the hours as he lay relaxed in sleep”

The enemy to vigilance is sleep, he is not awake or on guard but he is peacefully sleeping. Vigilance means to stop something before it happens. In the story it states how he wants to get up before the alarm clock. That’s the reason why he is sleeping with vigilance. He is afraid that if he wakes up from the alarm clock then his parents will also be getting up and he won’t be able to go out and hunt.



Definition- deceive or defeat by greater ingenuity

“Triumphantly pressing down the alarm-knob of the clock, which the dark half of his mind had outwitted”

A personification is being used here, he’s outwitting the clock. The dark half of his mind is telling him to stay asleep, not to get up.  He had defeated the dark half of his mind that was telling to stay in bed. He was getting up before the clock was. The alarm clock usually has control over us in the morning but in this short story the boy has control over the alarm clock.




Definition- Only just; almost not

“His hands were numbed and he could scarcely hold his shoes”

He was so cold that his hand had numbed and he could barely carry his shoes, but he was preparing to go outside without putting the shoes on his feet, but carrying them. This action that the boy is doing is an important metaphor. He was bringing the shoes to use for when the ground grown too hot for his feet. But usually people use shoes to protect their feet from getting to cold.



Definition- feeling afraid; showing fear

“These he could not put on for fear of waking his parents”

He was afraid of many things happening. He was afraid of waking his parents because if he awoke his parents they would make him go back to sleep because it was too early. He was afraid of making noises that would wake them up, that’s also why he didn’t put on his shoes. He had shown fear at many parts of the story. When he was walking past his parents window he could see them sleeping, if something went wrong they would see him.  



Definition- the state of being fully prepared for something

“Where his gun had been set in readiness the night before”

He had many things set in readiness the night before him going on the hunt. He had set out his shoes, the gun, and even the alarm clock. His body was even set in readiness preparing to get up early and also preparing for the fear of his parents finding out. He was even prepared for the guilt he would have for waking up this early and leaving the house without his parents knowing.







“I didn’t go on the ski trip” poems

Poem #1

Fear can only exist if there is no hope

Hope is knowing things will be okay


Hope is knowing you get to see your friends

Hope is thinking everything you want in life will come true


Hope is something you keep growing on and letting people know you are hopeful

For those people who need light in their world


Angle work for God to protect us

God is still the person to pray to even in the darkest of times

Poem #2

Only a machine keeps my system awake

In the days I’m down and broken inside


Discomfort and weakness

Fills my soul and body


Consumes my heart with darkness

With no light shining through


The little boy couldn’t see where he was going

The next thing he knew he hit an old lady


The horrible thoughts built up

He never went out again

An emotional Landscape poem

An hour ride on an old yellow school bus

Is full of nothing but boredom and drowsiness

Hitting each unpaved spot on the ancient backroad

Riding carefree into a nature filled habitat

Where the only noise that fills your ears is the cry of peace


Pulling up to the driveway feels so different but so right

For not being out here in ages is what makes it seem so real

The long grass rubbing against my feet

The massive trees creating a barrier from the heat of the sun

This seemed so far from reality but yet it was so real


The cold spring breeze drifting by

Carrying along all your worries as it’s passing

Refreshing your mind and placing it into a state of serenity

The sound of the animals activeness

Puts your mind at ease after a long day of work


The smell of a freshly cooked meal

Makes your stomach rumble in pain

But the delectable taste

Fills your stomach with satisfaction

Your mind and body now filled with comfort


The love of such an old place so significant

Creating a very special environment

An environment that warms your heart

A place you can return to after rough and dark days

A place called home


Translation: Idea to Image Poem

People crying of pain and yelling of rage was just another part of the daily routine

Men who were once free are now prisoners of the war

Heartache from a brother’s loss was now just a part of the past

Love was a sacrifice they had to make to get through the day

Memories of their loved ones had to be forgotten to make it through the night


The thought of blood and tragic death laced his mind

A soldier’s fate left undecided on the destination of the bullet

The bravery of warrior’s determination crippled at the sound of the rifle

Hatred and pain allowing itself into another man’s body greedily

Weapons of the war destroying the pureness of a man’s heart


Quietness awakened the wounded man who lay on the field

Tears that were once there because of fear were taken over by joy

Freedom and peace which he longed for through the gloomy days

Was now calling upon him like the moon calls upon the night

The thought of a restful sleep filled him with relief after months of sleepless nights


He was now free of attack but held captive by guilt

Guilt faced him like a raging lion about to feed on its prey

A family heartbroken because the death of an unreturned soldier laid in his hands

Holding responsibility for building up the selfishness and courage to pull the trigger

Knowing it would make him a thief of their happiness


Dark clouds covered the sky

Rain fell to the earth like tears falling down from the people’s faces

Family members gathering to pay respects to their loved ones

Familiar flags wrapped around the wooden boxes where fallen soldiers lay

Soldiers of the war, Heroes they stay

First Line Auction

I once had an existential crisis

The confidence of believing I had a purpose here in earth flew away from me

Like the butterfly does from the cocoon

Not knowing who I was or where I belonged was a constant thought

A thought that ate at my dignity day by day


I attempted to do something each day

To try to take away that eerie thought

But the motivation to try was beginning to fade

I searched and searched this lonely earth

To find a brief detail about my worth


I lost myself and everything I believed in

But the only thing I tried to undertake was love

For if there was someone out there

Who could lead my soul back to my body

But the idea of it being so absurd made my heart sink into my chest


Sitting alone on the sand is what I caught myself doing each night

Like a lonely star who lost its shine

Watching the waves rapidly crash against the shore and slowly reel back out

Similar to the thoughts rushing into my head

Entering fast but taking ages to leave


Maybe forever I would be stuck in this perpetual misery

Or maybe I would find self worth in time

But after all these years I did find out something

I was still stuck in existential crisis

If only I knew that once could lead to forever

Interest Survey

According to the survey it states that my Interest Type is a Catalyst. Catalyst’s are people who care about people and love to help them , they like seeing smiles on other’s faces. They are able and willing to get very different people to work on the same thing effectively by helping them find common ground. Catalyst’s like to work with information and people. It shows that i’m a more hands on person and that I like to do activities where i’m involved with what’s going on.

My Personality Type

After taking the quiz my personality is “INFP (the healer)”. I believe that everybody is uniquely individual, and that I’m also optimistic. I am also intensely emotional and that I form a strong attachment to people and things that I care about. It also says that I can be very self conscious which makes it hard to get to know me. This also means that I prefer not to be in the spotlight but am willing to help others who are. And I share the same personality type with Princess Diana, Vincent Van Gogh, and Audrey Hepburn.

My Blueprint; My learning style

I took the Who Am I learning style, and it turns out that I am a visual- kinesthetic learner. And that I seem to like to learn better from seeing or from moving around. It gave me questions like if I was on an island by myself What options I would choose like, a ball, music, or a book. And I obviously chose music or a ball. I like these quizzes and I hope I could do more of these quizzes through the year:).