The Most Important Choice of All

Suppose there is a genie with the power to turn back time to before you were born. She gives you the opportunity to decide who you want to be. Would you choose to be you? If so, does this show that you have a healthy self-esteem, or does it show that you think too highly of yourself? Suppose you have to choose to be somebody or something else. Who or what would you choose to be and why? In the Republic, Plato raises the question of reincarnation, the view that when you die you are reborn again as someone or something else. When he asks one hero of Greek mythology, Odysseus, what he would like to be in his next life, Odysseus replies that he would like to be a swan. Plato praises Odysseus’ choice, while criticizing people who choose to be rich, or famous, or powerful. Why do you suppose Odysseus chooses to be a swan, and why do you think Plato criticizes the other choices?

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Eating Noises

I knew a man who went into a rage if anybody ate an apple within his hearing. I knew another man who was so disgusted by his son’s eating habits that he made him eat his dinner alone. Do you have such quirks about other people’s eating habits as you encounter them in restaurants and other public places? Write an essay about people with such habits. Describe your responses to them.

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Group of Seven

Write an essay on one of the Group of Seven.

Find out what influenced the artist, and the effect his/her work has had on others. Include an assessment of one piece of his/her art.

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Who doesn’t love a list? So write one! Top five slices of pizza in your town, ten reasons disco will never die, the three secrets to happiness – go silly or go deep, just go list-y.

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Mysterious Potion

You encounter a mysterious man offering you a magic potion that, once sipped, will make one of your senses (sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch) super sharp ? but dull the others. Will you sip it, and if so, what sense do you choose?

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Crossword Puzzle: “Who Am I?”

Create a “Who Am I?” crossword puzzle for your group/class.

  • get every person’s name to fit somewhere
  • get at least one descriptive adverb or adjective for each person in the group
  • get at least one favorite activity listed for each person

Example clues:

  1. a friendly boy, when he’s not playing basketball
  2. Bob’s favorite sport

Use the following, or similar, crossword puzzle maker.

Attach a printable image(jpg or png) of your completed puzzle to a post in your blog.


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Proposal to close the movie theatre

Read the situation described below and use it to complete the assignment that follows.

The Situation
The Prosper Town Council is considering a proposal to close the town’s only movie theatre. Supporters of the proposal cite declining attendance and the potential to redevelop the site. Those opposed believe that the theatre is a valuable cultural resource and has the potential to become even more so.

In deciding whether to accept the proposal, the Prosper Town Council has invited concerned individuals to make their views known. You are Kerry Sinclair, a student of Prosper High School. You have considered information and opinions from a variety of sources (see attached images). After considering the advantages and disadvantages of the proposal, you have reached a decision. You now need to write a persuasive letter that clearly develops your position.




The Assignment
Write letter that will persuade the Prosper Town Council either to ACCEPT or REJECT the proposal to close the movie theatre.

Kerry Sinclair’s address is 42 Wallaby Way in Prosper, Alberta, U2X 1U2.
The Prosper Town Council address is 1651 Main Street in Prosper, Alberta, U1V 1U1.

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Read “War,” by Timothy Findley.

Do you think you really understand why adults do the things they do?

Respond to the Story

  • Whose war does the author refer to in the title? Support your view with examples from the story.
  • With a small group, discuss whether you think the way Neil reacts to his father leaving is typical of a ten-year-old boy. Why do you think he throws the stones?
  • Like most stories, the action builds up to an event that’s the high point or climax. What is the climax of “War”?

Explore Personal Feelings
Have you ever felt so strongly about something that you lost control of your emotions or the way you acted? What event or situation in your life made you lose control? Jot down in note form what happened, how you felt at the time, how you felt afterwards, and how the situation was resolved.

Use your notes to write a story about that incident. You might use a structure similar to “War.” The beginning could introduce the main characters and the problem or situation. The middle section could explore how everyone had to deal with this problem. The climax could occur when you (or your character) lose control. The end could briefly describe how everything was resolved.

When you write your story, how do you write conversations between characters? Could your style be improved? How?

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