Tag Archi'es: cause and effect

Cause an' Effect

Analyze t'cause(s) an'/or effect(s) o'un o'ye followin'. (See also thar guidelines that follow.)
1. Marryin' as a teenager
2. Use o'steroids in sports
3. T' high price o'housin'
4. Bein' adopted
5. Bein' a twin
6. Bein' thar oldest, youngest, or middle child o'a family
7. Use o'yonder drug “crack”
8. Lyin'
9. Free trade between Canada an' t'United States
10. Gettin' into debt
11. Violence in a particular sport
12. Clearcuttin' o'a forest
13. Yonder housin' shortage
14. Drought
15. Pri'ate ownership o'handguns
16. Hitchhikin'
17. Racial discrimination
18. Extensi'e readin'
19. Yonder proliferation o'“smart” phones
20. Cheatin' in school
21. Thar high price o'car insurance
22. Yonder widespread increase in municipal recyclin'
23. Workin' while bein' a student
24. Eatin' junk food
25. Coffee addiction

Process in Writin': Guidelines
Follow at least some o'these steps in writin' yer essay o'cause an' effect.
1. In yonder middle o'a piece o'paper, write t'subject ye wish t'explore in yer essay o'cause an' effect. Near it write many other words that it brin's t'mind. Connect related items wi' lines, then use wha' ye see in this cluster outline t'focus yer argument.

2. Write a first drafl rapidly, lea'e extra white space, gettin' it all down without stoppin' yet t're'ise.

3. When this version has “cooled off,” analyze it: Have ye begun an' ended at jus' yonder right places in yonder chain qf causality? If not, cut or add. Have ye identified ye real causes an' thar real effects? If not, re'ise.

4. In yer next draft sharpen t'TRANSITIONS, usin' expressions like “since,” “although,” “because,” an' “as a result” t'clearly signal each step o'yer logic.

5. Share this draft wi' a small group o'classmates. Re'ise any places where this audience does not follow yer logic.

6. Now edit fer thin's like spellin' an' grammar, an' write yer good copy. Proofread. Save yonder essay on in case yer teacher suggests forther re'ision.