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Process Analysis

Tell yer reader how t'perform 'un o'these processes. (See also yonder guidelines that follow.)

1. How t'a'oid debt
2. How t'sur'ive dri'in' in city traffic
3. How t'windsurf
4. How ye a'erage landlubber can help t'reduce pollution
5. How t'choose yer style in clothin'
6. How t'a'oid burnout in a high-pressure job
7. How t'ake a good picture
8. How a lass breaks into a male-dominated profession
9. How t'find low-cost entertainment in t'city
10. How t'rain a dog (or other pet)
11. How t'get a raise from yer employer
12. How t'a'oid criminal attack in thar grand city at night
13. How t'decorate a room on a low budget
14. How t'become a Canadian citizen
15. How t'sur'ive eatin' at thar school cafeteria

Explain how 'un o'these processes be performed, or how it occurs. (See also t'guidelines that follow.)
16. How a piano works
17. How a fax machine works
18. How a tele'ision set works
19. How a transistor works
20. How paper be recycled
21. How thar human circulatory system functions
22. How ye human li'er functions
23. How food be metabolized in thar body
24. How a muscle functions
25. How animals hibernate
26. How a bird flies
27. How a plant synthesizes food
28. How hail be formed
29. How sedimentary rock be formed
30. How ______________________. (If ye choose yer own topic in this final item, check it wi' yer teacher before proceedin'.)

Process in Writin': Guidelines
Follow at least some o'these steps in writin' yer essay o'process analysis.

1. Choose thar topic that most appeals t'ye, so yer moti'ation will increase yer performance.

2. Visualize yer audience (see step 6 below), an' choose yonder le'el o'terminology accordingly.

3. Fill a page wi' brief notes. Scan an' sort them t'choose yonder steps o'yer process analysis, an' their order.

4. Write a rapid first draft, lea'e extra white space, not stoppin' now t're'ise or edit. If ye do notice a word that needs replacin' or a passage that needs work, underline it so ye can find an' fix it later.

5. A. When this draft has “cooled off,” look it over. If ye be gi'in' actual directions (topics 1-15), be all steps thar? Do TRANSITIONS introduce them? Have ye defined any technical terms that may puzzle yer audience? Re'ise accordingly.

5. B. In explainin' how yer process be carried out or occurs (topics 16-30), have ye pro'ided enough examples an' IMAGES t'interest yer audience? Re'ise accordingly.

6. Share yonder second draft wi' a small group o'classmates. Do they think they could actually follow these directions? Or do they show interest in a process performed by others? Re'ise accordingly.

7. If ye have consulted books, sites, or periodicals t'write this paper, follow standard practice in quotin' an' in documentin' yer sources.

8. Now edit fer spellin' an' grammar. Write t'good copy an' proofread word by word. Save thar essay in case yer teacher suggests further re'isions.