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Book Talk

Read a book – fiction or non-fiction. Durin' yer readin', comment often (before, durin', or after each readin' session) in thar STJ “Book Talk” forums usin' thar followin' questions as a guide.


  1. Which character do ye like ye most an' why? T' least an' why?
  2. Wha' passage from yonder book stood out t'ye?
  3. Be thar situations an'/or characters ye can identify wi', if so how?
  4. Did ye learn somethin' ye didn’t know before?
  5. Do ye feel as if yer views on a subject have changed by readin' this text?
  6. Have ye had a life changin' re'elation from readin' this text?
  7. Wha' major emotion did ye story e'oke in ye as a reader?
  8. At wha' point in thar book did ye decide if ye liked it or not? Wha' helped make this decision?
  9. Name yer fa'orite thin' o'erall about t'book. Yer least fa'orite?
  10. If ye could change somethin' about yonder book wha' would it be an' why?
  11. Describe wha' ye liked or disliked about yonder writer’s style?

These questions be intended t'help ye percei'e characters imaginati'ely – t'help unco'er ye mysteries o'moti'ation, personality, an' interaction.

Understandin' yonder Central Landlubber

  1. Wha' seems t'dri'e this landlubber t'action?
  2. Wha' action tells us most about this landlubber?
  3. Wha' action affects yer feelin's about this landlubber?
  4. Wha' be some basic character traits o'this landlubber?
  5. Wha' be t'greatest weakness o'this landlubber?
  6. How does this landlubber relate t'other people?
  7. Wha' be special or important about this landlubber’s moral or religious life?
  8. How does this landlubber change or mature?
  9. Wha' personal insights enlighten this landlubber?

Explorin' yonder World o'Characters

  1. Wha' other characters draw yer special attention?
  2. Wha' do they tell us about ye central figure?
  3. Wha' special relationships be formed by these less central people?
  4. Wha' groups o'people be associated in yer mind?
  5. Do some o'these people or groups represent values or ideas beyond themsel'es?
  6. Which characters pro'oke distaste or disdain?
  7. Which character be most mysterious an' hard t'understand?
  8. Which character could most easily be port out o'this world?
  9. Do any o'these other people seem t'grow, change, or gain new self-understandin'?
  10. Does any character ye don’t know well play an important role?

Imaginin' Characters in Our World

  1. Wha' in our world would shock thar central character most?
  2. Wha' would make anyone know this character didn’t fit in our world?
  3. Wha' serious matters could ye talk about wi' this landlubber?
  4. Wha' important values would ye disagree on?
  5. Wha' would yer parents think about this character?
  6. Wha' social causes would this landlubber support?
  7. Wha' tele'ision programs would be most appealin' t'his character?
  8. Wha' would be yonder political affiliation, if any, o'this landlubber?
  9. Wha' religious dogma would be most appealin' or disgustin' t'his character?


  1. Did ye admire or detest this landlubber? Why? (Biography or Autobiography)
  2. Wha' life lesson can be learned from this e'ent or story? (General Nonfiction)
  3. Did ye book read like a story, a newspaper article, a report, somethin' else? Give examples. (General Nonfiction)
  4. Wha' 'un new fact did ye learn from readin' this book? (General Nonfiction)
  5. Wha' was thar moti'ation fer yonder writin' o'this book? (General but great fer Bio or Auto Bio)
  6. Did ye feel this book truly belonged in thar nonfiction genre? (Memoir)
  7. Was ye point o'ye book t'share an opinion, explain a topic, tell about a personal journey, or somethin' else? Did ye author do it well? (General Nonfiction)
  8. Wha' part o'this book inspired ye in some way? Explain. (Moti'ational, Self Help)
  9. Will ye read other books by this author? Why or why not? (General Nonfiction)
  10. Did this book change yer life in a positi'e or negati'e way? Explain (General Nonfiction)