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Debate: Ireland

Although Ireland has gained independence since t'har e'ents o't' O’Flaherty’s story “Yonder Sniper” or Jordan’s film “Michael Collins,” Northern Ireland continues t'be a place o'conflict, which can be viewed in at least two ways:

  • Northern Ireland should remain separate from Ireland.
  • Ireland should become 'un country without a north an' south di'ision

Work in a group t'debate these two opposin' viewpoints. First, use print an' electronic sources t'research this conflict. Then decide on a statement t'debate; fer example, Northern Ireland should remain a separate country. Di'ide into two groups, 'un fer an' 'un against, an' then prepare t'debate wi' yer classmates. Use yonder followin' guidelines as yer prepare:

  • re'iew thar facts in yer research
  • think about yer opinion or yonder position ye’ll be takin'
  • prepare a persuasi'e argument about two minutes in length
  • work co-operati'ely wi' others on yer team t'de'elop three arguments that, but don’t repeat, each other
  • re'ise yer argument
  • memorize an' practice deli'erin' yer argument
  • durin' ye debate listen carefully t'yonder opposin' team’s arguments
  • prepare yer rebuttal (yer response t'ye argument o'an opposin' team member)
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