The survey stated that I would be interested in business I don’t feel like I am into business but I am willing to give it a try. The survey states that I would be interested in Accounting, Entrepreneurship and Marketing. The next area they suggested I would be amused in is langues arts the topics that the survey suggested is Reading, Writing and Communication. I really like language arts and I’m vary strong in communication skills.

One of my favorite subjects in school is L.A and science. I mostly look forward to science learning about animals and how the survive and lives it life. In L.A I like writing and crating story also enjoy doing quizzes.

In L.A I like talking and sharing my opinion on the topic and helping out people who don’t understand. My carer I could find in this is teaching I always wanted to teaching little kids and I feel like I would do vary well in this. The survey stated that I am good in writing and communicating.

Science is also one of my favorite subjects that are available to me. The study of marine and wildlife is vary existing . The way their brains work and what they do to survive also how they use one another to work as well as help each other in feeding and making their packs stronger.

The best part of school is finding something you like and are interested in makes school a lot easier and more fun. The subject that you like the most is probably will do good in and have the most successes in.


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