Easter In Greece

In Greece there’s only one religion and the Greek Orthodox church starts on Holy Thursday. People all bring flowers to the church to decorate a bier that they lay the statue of Jesus on Friday they carry it through the town.Families build their own churches in their backyard on a Santorini. There are 700 churches on an island the priest sing the whole mass 21 readies. The bigger churches can be heard by speakers on the outside. In the ancient time, only the priest can go into a special room and others stand for the entire mass. In Greek churches, people walk around when the priest is saying his eulogy. Only the old people can sit no men can sit. Lots of candle in the mass people would light there own candles when they walked in for loved ones who passed. There’s no pews or benches to sit there are only leaning post for people to lean on and you cant see the altar. Inside a Greek church, you will never see 3-dimensional staches. Blue is a very popular color for Mary the mother of Jesus. On March 25 is greek independence day. Paul is the most favorite saint in grease. On Friday afternoon a pardie is thrown for Jesus and he’s going around town. On Easter Saturday geeks on midnight in Patmos, this is a place that is a sacred place where John received the vision that is the book of revelation and a chapel carved out of a mountain where he received the revelation. Mass on easter the lighting of a candle is a very big thing to greeks.On Saturday a jet had a flame that was transferred from Jerusalem than to helicopters this one flame it was distributed all around Greece. People all had unlit candles that were going to be lit by this one flame from Jerusalem. People don’t cheer when this happened when the priest announced that Jesus had risen at midnight everyone shares this one flame until the whole island was lit and everyone’s candle was lit up. After this greek people have to go home and light a candle in their house to give good luck and they will have a good year. That symbolize new life Jesus rising and celebrating Easter. There are no musical instruments in greek mass. After midnight firework starts on the top of the hill then church start fireworks these fireworks are hand lit and canons are used. people would tape there windows because the fireworks on the streets would bounce everywhere. On Easter Thursday the floor of every chapel they decorate the floor with palm leaves no carpets were in the chapels just stone. On Friday in Patmos people would decorate the path with lavender people would follow this back to the church on Saturday. Kids were not in the churches only adults were the kids would stand out and light fireworks before they were allowed. They would also play soccer outside with everyone. Jeudis trees were blooming everywhere in Greece on Easter week.

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