The Burning Fire


This short story took place in the winters of Yukon and is about a man that has to overcome nature and try to make it out alive. The man is alone in the wilderness with only a dog as a trust companion and will encounter cold night and days by himself. The dog in this story was a dependable partner and helped him stay alive. This short story included the topic of man vs man and relates to the battle of his mind and body.  

Winters in the Yukon are extremely cold and can drop to a staggering minus 30 Celsius. The nights are long and not much daylight is provided in the winter not more than half the day is darkness. The man is this story has to fight for his life as the cold dark winters try to eliminate him. The main character in this story faces misforcent events that nature throws at him like snow, pain, and freezing conditions. Nature in the Yukon is home to majestic mountains crystal , clear rivers and many animals. The man in this story was unprepared for the disturbance that mother nature was going to throw his way. This man only had minimal supplies of food the acceptable footwear for the snow and water he experienced. Nature was unbeatable and kept thrown changes at the man.

The companion the man encountered in this short story was a dog a husky that never left his side. This dog was trusty and helped the man get throw the challenging days and nights. This husky obeyed the human but knew what was not safe and tried to warn the man of danger. The man used the dog for warmth and protection from the cold the husky stayed with the man because of his food supplies and bacon biscuits he was rewarded. The man teared this dog very poorly and abused this animal. The man tried to kill this husky by strangling it but didn’t have the strength to do this. The husky was a good spirited animal the without this dog the man would have had a lesser chance of making it out alive.

Another challenge that this man faced was himself and his mind. This man had a hard time being away from civilization and alone for multiple days. The man soon did not feel pain with this mindset he soon felt nothing. The fellow in this short story lost his imagination and happiness in this time of being isolated from society. Many problems with himself began to emerge from this trip the man lost control of himself and went insane at the end of the story and tried to kill the dog that stuck by his side the whole time. The man has to be strong and have positive thoughts about making it out alive.

This story foreshadow what will happen if a man goes into the Yukon winter alone for multiple days and is stranded in the wilderness without any contact from humankind. The man has many qualities of a strong minded person that has the will and endurance to make it out alive. Mother nature thrown a lot of challenges at this man and he was strong enough to get threw it. The dog was also a big part of the survival that the man faced he helped the man stay alive longer.                                             

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