Colour changer


1. First step is getting  your image you want to colour change.

2 .Second step is you want to open the image with photoshop.


step 3 Is you want to hit adjustments then go down to replace colour .

Step 4 you grab the eye drooper and pick what colour you want to replace and change it when you hit the result and then press okay to change the colour.

Step 5 Then you keep repeating these steps until its to what you want it to look like.

This is the image that I coloured changed.


Bucket List



step 1 First I picked out the images i waned to put in the collage then selected it to add media 

Step 2 Once they are all selected go to create gallery and select the photos and hit create gallery

Step 3 Click the crate gallery then select the link and change it to media file then change the columns to 2 once you’ve done that hit the size tab then  pick medium and pick thumbnail grid.

step 4 then press the create gallery at the bottom and that will give your collage

How To Make A T-shirt With Logo

step 1 – First you have to plug the in.

step 2 – Flip the switch and make sure it’s turned to red.

step 3 -Wait until the numbers show up to 300 or over.

Step 4- Once it hits 300 or over you can start to make the shirt.

Step 5- Get all your tools like the squeegee and the sticky paper and the logo.

Step 6- Use the squeegee and sticky parer put the sticky side over the logo and use the squeegee and press hard all around the logo to get all the air bubbles off.

Step 7- Once the logo has no more bubbles and is smoothed out you can rip the paper off to reveal your new logo.

Step 8-Take a shirt and take the inside of it an put this on the machine 

Step 9- Take your logo and put it on the shirt.

Step 10- Grad some parchment paper and put it over the logo.

Step 11-Pull the handle down an let it sit for 13 seconds.

Step 12- Pull the sticky paper off then pull down the handle again let it cook for 5 more seconds with the parchment paper still on.

Step 13- Pull the handle up to reveal the new logo on the shirt.


The Burning Fire


This short story took place in the winters of Yukon and is about a man that has to overcome nature and try to make it out alive. The man is alone in the wilderness with only a dog as a trust companion and will encounter cold night and days by himself. The dog in this story was a dependable partner and helped him stay alive. This short story included the topic of man vs man and relates to the battle of his mind and body.  

Winters in the Yukon are extremely cold and can drop to a staggering minus 30 Celsius. The nights are long and not much daylight is provided in the winter not more than half the day is darkness. The man is this story has to fight for his life as the cold dark winters try to eliminate him. The main character in this story faces misforcent events that nature throws at him like snow, pain, and freezing conditions. Nature in the Yukon is home to majestic mountains crystal , clear rivers and many animals. The man in this story was unprepared for the disturbance that mother nature was going to throw his way. This man only had minimal supplies of food the acceptable footwear for the snow and water he experienced. Nature was unbeatable and kept thrown changes at the man.

The companion the man encountered in this short story was a dog a husky that never left his side. This dog was trusty and helped the man get throw the challenging days and nights. This husky obeyed the human but knew what was not safe and tried to warn the man of danger. The man used the dog for warmth and protection from the cold the husky stayed with the man because of his food supplies and bacon biscuits he was rewarded. The man teared this dog very poorly and abused this animal. The man tried to kill this husky by strangling it but didn’t have the strength to do this. The husky was a good spirited animal the without this dog the man would have had a lesser chance of making it out alive.

Another challenge that this man faced was himself and his mind. This man had a hard time being away from civilization and alone for multiple days. The man soon did not feel pain with this mindset he soon felt nothing. The fellow in this short story lost his imagination and happiness in this time of being isolated from society. Many problems with himself began to emerge from this trip the man lost control of himself and went insane at the end of the story and tried to kill the dog that stuck by his side the whole time. The man has to be strong and have positive thoughts about making it out alive.

This story foreshadow what will happen if a man goes into the Yukon winter alone for multiple days and is stranded in the wilderness without any contact from humankind. The man has many qualities of a strong minded person that has the will and endurance to make it out alive. Mother nature thrown a lot of challenges at this man and he was strong enough to get threw it. The dog was also a big part of the survival that the man faced he helped the man stay alive longer.                                             

Important Qualities of a Political Leader

 Political leaders are a extensive part of this world citizens need a leader that is responsible,truthful, charismatic, professional, good interest of the public and a good reputation. Leaders that have these qualities are outstanding candidates for the public eye. Many leaders have good qualities that they can use to help grow their platforms positively.


Political leaders that have the quality of responsibility are essential for political candidates. Leader that know what they did wrong and take responsibility for their own actions and not blame anyone else will be very much appreciated. Responsibility is gaining wisdom it’s also important to gain trust and growth within the public and yourself.


The next quality that would help a political leader is being truthful all the time the benefit of this is that the public will gain trust and see the good in your inteachents. Being a truthful political leader will have an advantage on your image to the public eye. Leader that tell the truth and not sugar coating will have a better chance of winning than the leaders that lie.


A leader that cares about his country and citizens have a good image and shows that he or she cares about everyone. A leader that is charismatic toward his citizens and others shows that he or she will have the best interest for voters. A leader who shows the world he cares after hard times like war and other violent events can make citizen feel hope and safety in there country.


If a leader has all these qualities like responsibility, tells the truth, is caring and many more voters will see how much he or she care for the country and will be very successful in the future. To be a good leader you need to put other needs before yourself. If we didn’t have leaders with good intentions for themselves and others our political system would be chaotic.



Easter In Greece

In Greece there’s only one religion and the Greek Orthodox church starts on Holy Thursday. People all bring flowers to the church to decorate a bier that they lay the statue of Jesus on Friday they carry it through the town.Families build their own churches in their backyard on a Santorini. There are 700 churches on an island the priest sing the whole mass 21 readies. The bigger churches can be heard by speakers on the outside. In the ancient time, only the priest can go into a special room and others stand for the entire mass. In Greek churches, people walk around when the priest is saying his eulogy. Only the old people can sit no men can sit. Lots of candle in the mass people would light there own candles when they walked in for loved ones who passed. There’s no pews or benches to sit there are only leaning post for people to lean on and you cant see the altar. Inside a Greek church, you will never see 3-dimensional staches. Blue is a very popular color for Mary the mother of Jesus. On March 25 is greek independence day. Paul is the most favorite saint in grease. On Friday afternoon a pardie is thrown for Jesus and he’s going around town. On Easter Saturday geeks on midnight in Patmos, this is a place that is a sacred place where John received the vision that is the book of revelation and a chapel carved out of a mountain where he received the revelation. Mass on easter the lighting of a candle is a very big thing to greeks.On Saturday a jet had a flame that was transferred from Jerusalem than to helicopters this one flame it was distributed all around Greece. People all had unlit candles that were going to be lit by this one flame from Jerusalem. People don’t cheer when this happened when the priest announced that Jesus had risen at midnight everyone shares this one flame until the whole island was lit and everyone’s candle was lit up. After this greek people have to go home and light a candle in their house to give good luck and they will have a good year. That symbolize new life Jesus rising and celebrating Easter. There are no musical instruments in greek mass. After midnight firework starts on the top of the hill then church start fireworks these fireworks are hand lit and canons are used. people would tape there windows because the fireworks on the streets would bounce everywhere. On Easter Thursday the floor of every chapel they decorate the floor with palm leaves no carpets were in the chapels just stone. On Friday in Patmos people would decorate the path with lavender people would follow this back to the church on Saturday. Kids were not in the churches only adults were the kids would stand out and light fireworks before they were allowed. They would also play soccer outside with everyone. Jeudis trees were blooming everywhere in Greece on Easter week.

“As in the Beginning”

What makes us whole?

What makes you whole is Family & Friends,emotional well being and Spiritual well being

Why does the speaker describe the “man” so objectively in the first nine lines of the poem.  To put a point across in the poem

How does the tone of the poem change after the first nine lines?

The poem change because it’s happy and everything is fine but then his hands come off  

To what extent does the speaker understate or overstate the emotions associated with his/her father’s situation?

I think the speaker feels bad and wants to help the family by working herself

Which lines or phrases do you think express what the speaker is feeling most powerfully? What do these lines convey to them?

I think when his father loses his hands and can’t work anymore.

What is the significance of the title?

The title mean how they started from the beginning

Gaining Yardage

Are Arlo and the speaker friends?

Yes they spend a lot of time together farm neighbors

who hang around together, walk beans

pick rocks and  and play on the same team.

What makes someone a good friend?

What makes someone a good friend is there loyalty, honesty, humor, and comforting.

What ideas does this poem share about friendship? Do you agree?

That fiends fight but it could make you stronger. Yes because when people fight it makes their friendship stronger and have better communication.

What is odd about the last two lines of this poem?

The last two lines in the poem were confusing because they didn’t want to be friends anymore.

List the jargon used in the poem. Find definitions of each term. Do the definitions you

find work within the context of the poem?

Fumbles– falls down or misses

second-string quarterback- A younger person on the team that is next in line to be a starting quarterback.

intercept an underthrown pass-  Turnovers in a game when the other team gets the pass

Examine the poem’s use of pronouns. Is the antecedent for each pronoun always clear?

The pronoun is alway clear because it’s talking about I ,she ,It , you, this

What would you recommend the poet do to solve his pronoun problems?

I would recommend putting their names instead of  she, you, I,


The New House

Do people exist beyond a physical presence?

Yes people do exist beyond physical presence because people souls still rome around when they pass. People that pass still have a spiritual connection to the real world.  

Write as many questions as you can that deal with the important issues suggested by this poem. That hurtful words were in this house. People feelings were hurt. There are people who have passed in that house but are still in spirit. They are moving to a new house and saying goodbye from there old memories.     

What is the significance of the title?

The title I think mean they are moving out to a new house and wanting a fresh start. The new house they are moving into they hope it will be better than their last less sad lonely and all around more happy place for all of them.