Act 4:1-22

The priests were mad at John and peter because they were proclaiming that in Jesus, there is the resurrection of the dead. They were arrested and many people gathered. The next day people assembled in jerusalem with the high priest Annas other important people. They asked Peter and John by what power or what name did they do this. Then Peter filled with ┬áthe holy spirit and told them jesus had healed a man. The council ordered them to leave so they could discuss what they could do with them we can not deny it it but stop it from spreading further let us warn them not to speak his name. The council told Peter and John but Peter answered and said they couldn’t not speak of their lord. After they threatened them they let Peter and John go. Finding no way to punish them because the praised God for what he had done.

Acts 9:10-19

Jesus sent Ananias to heal Saul and give him his vision back. Anasias questioned Jesus at first but then did as Jesus asked him to do. So then after they healed Saul, Saul joined the disciples in Damascus for a while.
1 Corinthians 13-13

Faith, hope and love abide the three together. Love is the greatest of all.

Scripture readings

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