Crystal Was Here

“Crystal was here”

When Crystal was here we did different activities revolving around attention and coping. When we were discussing attention we watched a video to see how well we payed attention. The first video we watched was called the moon walking bear. The video told us to count how many times the white team passed the ball. While we were counting we weren’t paying attention to the black team so we didn’t see a bear dressed in black doing the moonwalk.  The second video we watched was about a gorilla walking through while we were supposed to be counting the white team’s passes. In this video they added more stuff like a person from the black team and the background also changed color. While we were watching the videos Mr. Sader left the room. Crystal then asked us what we thought Mr. Sader was wearing, we did pretty good for the most part. The last activity we did was on coping. We got put into groups and brainstormed ideas on how we cope during tough times. We then shared or answers at the end of class.


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