Crystal was here

“Crystal Was Here”

They has been multiple situations where people can become proud of themselves. Lots of people get proud when they achieve a high mark on a test or get their first goal in a sport. I got proud of myself when I got my first basket in basketball. Many people have certain sports they are good at or they are good at school I find that I do well in dance.  People enjoy compliments and it’s important to compliment people if you like something about them because it really can brighten someone’s day. I receive compliments like you’re good at dance, you’re smart, you’re funny, and my makeup doesn’t look fake. It’s good to feel responsible I feel responsible when my parents or other people feel safe letting me babysit. Its also a good feeling to like characteristics about yourself I like my height.

When Crystal was here we talked about how our thoughts and how they affect our feelings. For example if you have a test and all you say is I’m going to fail or I should have studied more. The chances are you aren’t going to do good but if you have a positive mindset you will do better.  We also played a game where we stood in a circle and passed around 4 balls and when Crystal told us to stop and you had a ball you would answer a question.

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