Discover your spiritual gift

“Discover Your Spiritual Gifts”

I have taken all 4 of  my group members surveys. I choose multiple “this is me”.  I choose “that is me” for things like I don’t care if I’m seen with people who aren’t popular. I also choose “that is me” when people have a problem they come and talk to me.  I felt confident when the survey asked about helping people in need or helping the homeless, I often enjoy donating to people like that.

All 4 of my group members have taken my survey. I think all of them did pretty well. My group most often picked “ that is me,” or “ This is probably me.” Barely ever was “ that is definitely not me,” picked. If it was only one person had chose it in each question it was picked. The most popular answer chosen was “that is probably me.” I am happy with my results, and that of my groups results as a whole. this is my survey.

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