A Happy Camper, A Leader

Generation after generation, the older generation has used the phrase “What’s wrong with kids these days”  I am one of “those kids these days.” First of all we aren’t you, so why compare us to you? I often hear, “When I was your age I did twice as much chores as you do.” Well I am pretty sure your parents could say the same thing. Technology is getting better as the years go on, helping us get away with doing less labour. Instead of looking for what’s wrong, let’s look for what’s right with kids these days.


It has been scientifically proven that as the generations go on, the younger generation is getting smarter than the ones before them. Have you ever been sitting down with your kid helping them with homework, and thought wow this is so much different, and harder then I remember? That’s because as the years go by school work, especially math is getting more difficult. With this amount of knowledge, our generation could do great things.


This generation has to take upon themselves to be a leader, for the next to come. We need to pull together and form a community in our schools. Many people blindly follow the path in front of them, so we need to open new doors. The call to leadership is a voice inside of your head saying “someone should do something.” That someone is this generation.


Help us leave things better than how we found it, help us connect the dots. Simple acts have big impacts, and you can help my generation do that. When you see an adult that believes in you more than you do, that makes a huge difference. Sometimes we just need someone older with more life experience to believe in us.


This generation needs something called a “Happy Camper.” We need “Day Makers.” Not everyone can be a Happy Camper, but who knows my generation could hold a lot of us, we could be leaders. We need a voice telling us “ I believe in choices.” “I’ll help people find their smile.” Help us be leaders, as you have.

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