Instructions for a Bad Day.

What is Empathy? Empathy is putting yourself in someone else’s shoes, and being aware of and sensitive to this. Empathy is different from sympathy. Sympathy is feeling bad for someone. Feeling the emotions because they do. Empathy is being aware of how someone feels, or understanding how they could feel. In empathy you look to understand the feelings of that other person. It is good to feel both empathetic and sympathetic.


Females tend to feel more empathetic than males. We are not completely born with empathy. We are human and it seems only natural, but we do develop empathy as we get older. You can learn and develop to be better at empathy. When you get older and have more life experiences, you meet more people and develop more relationships. Relationships with different people will have different significance. You will be more empathetic towards different people.

With you friend you should have high levels of empathy toward them. You should always be aware of how your actions affect them. You always want a healthy relationship with your friends.

With a teacher student relationship, empathy varies. Certain teachers will be more empathetic than other teachers.

Most likely in a relationship with a family member their will be lots of empathy. Family is supportive and sensitive to your situations.

A person who will always understand, and be empathetic is a VIBE coach.


Empathy is important, it keeps a healthy relationship. Trust is earned when you show empathy. If none of us had empathy, the world would be full of people who don’t care. People would be constantly making fun of others, and not caring how they felt. Poor relationships would be formed, or we might not even have relationships. This would be a terrible world. You would constantly be hurt by people you love. You have to touch basis with your own emotions in order to be empathetic towards someone else. Empathy is super important to yourself and others.


There is a very long poem, written by Shane Koyczan. The poem is called “Instructions for a bad day.” This poem talks you through tough times, it helps you slowly process this. It tells you there will be bad days, it tells you that you can get through them. Everyone experiences days where they need this poem. This poem is great to help you through bad days.


Empathy is amazing. It helps many people stop and think about how their actions could affect someone else. Your words can make someone feel horrible. There is something called empathy rocks, and it tells you anything could be a rock weighing someone down. Think before you speak. Many things affect people, and you don’t even know it.


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